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Norrbo year 85-87, Me and Dad

Previously at Norrbo, Åsa gave birth to Frida, who's father is Gunnar Flyckt, a college student. Åsa started a career in Law but would rather be a journalist. Frida grew up to toddler with Music&Dance hobby. 

Åsa Benett, 39, Grilled Cheese
Frida Benett, 5


Åsa is still working in the Legal career as a Personal Injury Lawyer, but she doesn’t like it. She would rather start a journalist career, just if there were an opening.

She enjoys her daughter Frida very much, though and loves to come home to her. It’s Frida’s birthday today and she will become a big girl!

Party, party!

Frida grows up very well, but into too summerlike clothes. Unfortunately her mother doesn’t have the means to buy her new clothes, and hardly her father either, since he’s in college.

Before the party is over for Frida, she says goodnight to her Mormor Maja and the rest of her guests.

Frida is an only child, with her red hair inherited from her grandfather Daniel. Daniel had a relationship with Frida’s grandmother Maja. They were never married but had their daughter Åsa out of wedlock. Åsa didn’t marry Frida’s father either, at least not so far, so she’s continues the single mother tradition.

In the end it’s a great party, and Frida falls asleep happy that night.

After the party a couple of Åsa’s friends stay, and she tries to find a journalist job, supported at least by Eva. There are no openings so Åsa’ll have to go to the law office yet another day.

Frida is happy that her first day of school is cancelled due to heavy snow. Åsa tries to get Gunnar to come and take care of her while she works.

Gunnar comes, but Åsa still refuses to go to work when the pool car arrives. She doesn’t have any vacation days, but ok, so be it!

So she calls in sick (she actually IS sick) and spends the day trying to raise her fun level with the help of Gunnar.

It’s the last day of winter and Frida and Gunnar seizes the opportunity to have a snowball fight for the last time this decade.

Then lunch is served, and it feels like an ordinary family, joined by their gardener.

The next day Åsa gets promoted to Family Law attorney, despite the fact that she doesn’t like her job.

Frida brings Jacob Burlin with her home, but he’s not in to playing red hands at all.

She has to play with her mother instead.

And then she learns to study, and the normal house-with-schoolchildren boredom affects us all…

Norrbo after round 23:
Åsa Benett
Frida Benett

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