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Downtown year 85-87, Under the Influence

Previously at Downtown, Anita made out at the gym. Then she skilled the rest of the round.

Anita Jernelid, 35, Fortune


Anita is very focused on her career in Show Business and works to get promoted all the time. Except this minute, when she actually spends some time on her salt water aquarium.

She has been dating Michael Dalton since college, but never showed any interest in making it really serious.

On her day off Anita invites Michael for breakfast, and he brings a friend, Jenny, who is in Uni. The conversation around the table is revolving around the Uni experience they all share.

Then they share Anita’s bed and afterwards she talks him into doing the cleaning, while she calls another friend.

Cedric invites her to an outing at the gym, and there she meets Joel Tranberg among others.

And spends some time with Cedric. But outings are hard and it’s still a boring experience.

But when they start playing Marco Polo, the gang thinks it’s fun anyway. Successful outing, amazing!

Meanwhile, Michael continues to clean Anita’s house. Very convenient arrangement to let your boyfriend clean for you!

At least she thanks him by asking him on a date.

And they make her car fly!

The next day Anita influences Solveig, a neighbourhood girl, to clean for her. She’s got a talent for making people do what she wants.

She pays with a lunch. She could afford a maid, but she keeps rolling the want to influence someone to clean instead. Maybe a habit since college, or a sign of Anita becoming a diva.

Michael had a rediculously fun time at their date, and leaves a telescope as a thank you gift!

We have found that Anita is in the wrong career to become a Prestidigitator.
Anita: “I’m a Blockbuster Director”
J68: “OK, but that won’t get you to Prestidigitator, but to Icon...”
Anyway, there ar no Entertainment jobs available, so that’ll be next time. Maybe.

Saturday she invites some friends for a drink. The topic of conversation is still the Inception movie. Mattsmyra has an Inception fever!

A great evening is had by all, and there we end the update from Downtown for this time.

Downtown after round 23:
Anita Jernelid
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