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Hamre Monday - Wednesday (year 15-17)


Tobias Mattsson moved out from his father’s house nearly at the same time as his sister Ida. Now he’s starting his own life at Hamre, a name that has something to do with hammers, I believe.
Tobias is a romance sim as we might recall, but haven’t met very many hot chicks so far. More time for that now, for sure, with only himself to take care of.
He would also like a career in the sports field (!), but is still unemployed.

Some neighbours are passing by midday, but they are all old acquaintances, and are all married.

Well, of course he finds the shameless Kim attractive!

In expectance of his dream girl(s) appearance Tobias is working out, to look his very best when the opportunity comes.

He also goes to Bluewater to meet some new people, but ends up having lunch alone at a café.

Eventually Tobias gets his desired job in the sports career. Already this afternoon is the first game.

Tobias has finally met a two-bolt woman, Beatrice Celander. Let’s see where it ends up.

Hamre after round 4:
Tobias Mattsson

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