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Annefors year 85-87 - Friends and Enemies

Previously at Annefors, My waited for Louise who eventually moved in. Louise maxed her musical enthusiasm and My had some promotions.

My Montell, 32, Romance
Louise Wern, 28, Popularity


There is something wrong with the house at Annefors. It’s impossible to get up the stairs. Lets’ do the classical move-out – move-in procedure.

The two are really inspired by their ”new” house and are all over each other already on the snowy lawn.

Now it works to be upstairs, and Louise finds an opening in her desired Athletics career as an Assistant Coach.

While My finally shifts her uniform and heads off for her first day as Concert Pianist.

Louise wishes for all sorts of electronics for the house and cheers when a new TV. Stereo and arcade game gets delivered.

The Music career must be the hardest in the Simiverse. My gets fired from a bad chance card and doesn’t want to see that Fascesca woman ever again!!

To entertain themselves they accept an invitation to go to the Gamer lot with their college friends.

And the rest of the night is spent playing games.

And a couple of hours later, Louise maxes her Logic skill with the help of Sofia.

With their moving out and in and Louise’s shopping spree, the couple is now completely broke, and Louise has to repair the clogged toilet herself, while My works out to the stereo.

Then it’s time to work on the Best friends list again, and Louise invites David Lind, and gets to meet his friend Daniel Persson, too. Daniel wears his hair in exactly the same way as Louise.

Her many friends make her very happy and she is able to claim a seconday aspiration of Family.

My is not very happy with Louise’s veryvery close friend, actually lover, Christa. It all started when Christa was visiting and found My in bed with Louise. Sleeping. She went ballistic and is now attacking My as often as she can. 
This picture is only a sample of their "enemyhood", and with that we leave Annefors for this round.

Annefors after round 23:
My Montell
Louise Wern


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