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Järvsö year 85-87 - Superfriendly

Previously at Järvsö, Märta worked on her friends list. Her sister Annika moved in briefly, awaiting her boyfriend's graduation.

Märta Sandvall, Popularity, 32


Märta comes home promoted to Assistant Coach and brings Oscar Törnblad with her home. Her friends are asking for her – she has quite a few to catch up with.

She has wished since last round to become best friends with Malcolm Markövertag, and now she reaches her goal.

In the evening she organizes a party. The infamous Tony is invited, he who has slept with all females in Mattsmyra in uni. Märta has two bolts with him.

Unfortunately it is a bad party, but it’s all as well, since Märta needs to read up on her mechanical skill for her job.

In between sessions with the books, Märta keeps in touuh with friends and aquantancies, and on the first spring day she reaches her LTW of having 20 simultaneous best friends. 1p!
Now she wants to become a General. I guess that’s the end of her Athletics career.

And celebrations are held with Tony, who she apparently didn’t sleep with before. With this I also think that she let go of Lars-Erik Knutsson, who her cousin Siv Markövertag has been crazy about since her first teen day.

Järvsö after round 23:
Märta Sandvall

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