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Fallåsen Year 85-87 - New Sims

This is a new lot, with 4 new inhabitants. We met them in Uni, but now they become real playables and give us 4p!
We start out with only 1, though:

Molly Ljunggren is a grown-up townie kid, invited to Uni by Elisabet Hartwig.

Molly Ljunggren, 25, Knowledge


Molly lives alone at Fallåsen and wishes for some company, so she adopts an adult dog named Diva.

Molly is very happy for Diva and they spend a lot of time together.

Molly also spends some time with neighbours and friends while awaiting her brother, cousin and friend’s graduations.

The boys arrive and the family now consists of:
Molly Ljunggren, 26, Knowledge
Johannes Ljunggren, 25, Family
Måns Ljunggren, 25, Popularity
Thomas Cormier, 25, Knowledge
Diva, the dog (no idea what breed)

Molly and Johannes are siblings, and they have a little brother named Anders. Their parent’s names are Eva and Erik.

Eva’s sister Birgitta is Måns and his brother Pontus’ mother, so Måns is cousins with Molly and Johannes.

When Molly and Johannes works, Måns plays with Diva and Thomas stalks him.

Molly gets fired from a bad chance card, but it’s no big deal, since the household has enough money at the moment, and Politics is not her LTW career anyway.

Apparently Molly thinks it’s a big deal, she cries all afternoon.

But after a while the household settles into a domestic bliss.

Måns wishes for a date and asks Melissa Montell out to Bernards Botanical Restaurant.

They enjoy a nice dinner and talk about school, which he just left, and where she is still studying.

While they wait for the taxi to take them to his place, they cannot keep their hands off of each other!

And just as the taxi pulls up, Mrs Crumplebottom lectures Melissa. Måns is already in the car.

The date still ends as a dreamdate, in Måns’ brand new double bed. And that was the last lot of this round!

Fallåsen after round 23:
Molly Ljunggren
Johannes Ljunggren
Måns Ljunggren
Thomas Cormier
Diva, the secret breed dog

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