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Introducing Height

To get some variety and inspired by chickadeelee, I decided to introduce height to the sims of Mattsmyra.

Each sim will have a number from 1-100 which is connected to height in a table built on a normal distribution curve


For each number 1-100 a certain height is assigned. Girls can be assigned numbers between 1-75 and boys 25-100.
(Aliens are an exception). The number is then translated to a stretchSkeleton dimension connected to the height.

Number  Height   Stretch
1-2        148 cm   0,915
39-44     172 cm  1,0
99-100   208 cm  1,13

CAS and Townie Sims get a random number, while the number for a sim born in game is random in a span depending on the parents' heights. Girls can end up 2 numbers shorter than their shortest parent and boys can end up 2 numbers taller than their tallest parent, with max/min numbers as stated above.

When Dan Mattsson, 196 cm (no 76), has children with Carina, 156 cm (no 11), we have a lot of variety.

Tobias can be 25-78 (not shorter than 25, but taller than his father) and ends up on 37 (168 cm)
Ida can be 9-75 (shorter than her mother but not taller than 75) and ends up on 24 (164 cm)
Daniel 25-78, is 56 (180 cm)
Loke 25-78, is 60 (180 cm)
Stella 9-75, is 14 (156 cm)

Complicated, yes, but funnier :)

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