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Mattsgården year 88-92, Preparing for University

Welcome back to a new season of Mattsmyra!

Previously at Mattsgården, Jenny was sneaking out at night undetected. She also scanned the neighbourhood boys and found that Vidar Rodiek was acceptable. Agnes and Georg both reached their LTWs to become Professional Party Guest and Education Minister respectively. Agnes developed a fitting secondary aspiration of Fortune.

Mattsgården year 88-92, Thursday to Monday

Georg Mattsson, 46, Knowledge, 2nd LTW Criminal Mastermind
Agnes Mattsson, 45, Romance/Fortune, 2nd LTW Woohoo 20 different sims
Jenny Mattsson, 16, Popularity, LTW General


Georg has a day off and wants to invite someone, so he invites his sister Elisabeth and Professor Hussner.

When Elisabeth leaves, we see the first signs that heights are introduced in Mattsmyra. It will be arranged for all sims when we come to their houses. The difference in height will be less when we come to Elisabeth’s house, she’s a pretty tall woman of 176 cm. Georg is 180 cm.

See special section under Extra Materials to find out about heights.

Georg has earned enough aspiration points to develop a secondary aspiration of Romance. That will probably please his wife.

Agnes is 172 cm, which represents the average height in Mattsmyra (= default height). She maxes her Culinary enthusiasm at the beginning of the round.

Jenny continues her sneaky ways since last round. This time she’s out with Siri Törnblad.

She sneaks back in at 4am without problems.

Georg works in the Education career as the Education Minister. However, he wants to become a Criminal Mastermind and checks the ads every day. No luck today.

When Jenny isn’t sneaking out, she works a lot with the synthesizer. She already maxed her Creativity skill.

She also applies for scolarships in preparation for college. She’s entitled to four grants: For grades, body, Charisma and Dance.

Then the SimGodess realizes it’s not possible to send Jenny to Uni via the phone or the computer. Suspects it’s a new feature in Apartment Life and decides to try in the morning. In the meantime, another sneak-out, with Siv Markövertag this time.

4am – Sneaking back from the other direction

Oh, noes! Mother is not in accepting mood tonight.
Agnes: “And where do you think you’re going?!”
Jenny is a tall young woman. She’s already taller than her mother and will end up at 180 cm, like her father.

Agnes: ”This behaviour is not acceptable! How will we be able to send you to college if we cannot trust you?!”

Jenny: “I’m sorry, Mamma, I just wanted to spend some time with Siv a last time before I leave”

It’s not only an apology of the lips, either, she is really sorry

Georg: “Huh? What’s with her?”

Georg: ”No jobs today either…”

It’s not possible to send Jenny off in the morning either, so she’s allowed to arrange a goodbye party with her friends. J68 also realized that she shouldn’t go until year 90, which is after Saturday.

Vidar, Jenny’s half-boyfriend is invited to the party too, and I guess now he’s really her boyfriend!

I guess they’ve got themselves to blame that they get an audience when they occupy Agnes’ movie couch!

Saturday night Jenny’s off, finally. It still doesn’t work to send her from the lot, so we’ll do it from neighbourhood view.

FAMILY Sunday!

Activities: Music and Dance with the Burlin family

Pool with the Benett family

Love and gossip with the teenagers. This is an intended match – Olle Burlin and Emmy Benett, so the SimGodess is happy. They are both cousins with Jenny, but not with each other, so don’t worry!

Last activity for today: Freeze yourself blue – for all.

When the guests leave, Agnes and Georg adapts to having the house to themselves and relaxes with watching a sci-fi movie.

Finally Georg finds a job as a counterfeiter and changes his career.

And after his first shift, he’s promoted to Smuggler.

Mattsgården after round 24:
Georg Mattsson
Agnes Mattsson

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