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Myren year 88-92 - Plus Two

Previously at Myren, Rolf taught Alva how to study. Him and Britta had mediocre dates all the time. Rolf wished only to fall in love with college cheer leader Linn and finally invited her for a dream date.

Myren year 88-92, Thursday to Monday:

Rolf Myhr, 61, Pleasure, LTW 50 dreamdates
Britta Myhr, 61, Pleasure, LTW 100 first dates (!)
Ulrika Myhr, 23, Knowledge, LTW Space Pirate
Alva Myhr, 9

Fraps didn't want to capture the start screen

Ulrika just moved back from University and has an LTW to become a Space Pirate. The first ad she lays her eyes on is one for a Dreaded Pirate – well underway – she takes it!

Ulrika is engaged to Adam Wern, but is a naughty Knowledge sim and has a few other lovers too, two men and one woman. She’s clearly bisexual.

Her mother Britta reaches the TOC of the Slacker career and is now a Professional Party Guest. 1p! She brings home a friend from work.

When Ulrika comes home from work she invites Adam over. She’s very glad to see him.

He’s glad to see her too and agrees to move in. They will not get married until there is a Myhr heir born.

The house Myren is an original house. Rolf and his sister Agnes were born here, children to CAS teen Evert Myhr and his wife Marita. Also Ulrika and her sister Alva – the baby that was meant to be, were born here.

Adam descends from another original family – the Berg’s, but it’s his aunt Susanne who has kept the original house Roteberg. Adam has a twin brother, Aron, and two older sisters, Louise and Gerd. Aron will inherit their family home Sörbo.

It’s dirty work to be a Dreaded Pirate, but now Ulrika will start as a Warhead Disarmer instead. Emilia Carlsson came with her home.

Heir incoming!

Alva, who will be an aunt, is still a child, and plays around with one of the 11 Burlin kids – Natalie.

Karaoke is a standard activity during Rolf and Britta’s dates. Britta is a decent singer, but Rolf is terrible. Hopefully he’ll get better with better Creativity skill.

Ulrika gets promoted to Hostage Negotiator

And finally it’s time for Alva’s birthday. Let’s see if her purpose reveals itself with her teen years.

She chooses the Popularity aspiration and is turned on by glasses and special hair, but is turned off by good cooks. That’s a strange thing. Maybe she’s picky and doesn’t like to try new foods?

Baby confirmed!

Family Sunday!

Here’s a better picture of Alva, who decided that her LTW is to become the Mayor of Mattsmyra. Is it in office you will do great deeds?

Ulrika shares some tips and experiences with her sister-in-law Annika, who’s pregnant too. Annika is married to Adam’s brother Aron.

Lunch is served

Video games are played

Agnes challenges her brother for a game of darts.

Second pop! Ulrika still feels fine.

Suddenly Alva throws herself at townie teen Glen and gets her first kiss from him.

They head straight for the bedroom.

Britta yells: “Don’t get yourself pregnant in there!”
The woohoo try is quickly abandoned.

Alva: “Mooom, you’re sooo embarassing, Glen will never come back after this!”
Britta: “Gasp! How will we ever survive?!”
Adam: "It should be enough with kissing at your age anyway!"

Here comes Mattmyra’s newest blockbuster director!

And here comes the newest inhabitant of Mattsmyra!

Please say hello to Common name no 54 - Lisa Myhr, born on the 5th of March ’93. If you read my explanation of birthdates you know this already, but here you can see her. Brown hair and gray eyes like her father. And since we’re already on overtime, we leave now with 1p!

Myren after round 24:
Rolf Myhr
Britta Myhr
Adam Wern
Ulrika Myhr
Alva Myhr
Lisa Myhr

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