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Korskrogen year 88-92, Everyone for Themselves

Previously at Korskrogen, Noel moved in and developed a secondary aspiration of Grilled Cheese. Maja was born and grew up to a musical toddler. Alexander grew up to a punky, gay Pleasure sim. Caroline took care of Stina's dogs and Stina worked in the Education career without any Family wants.

The family of Korskrogen consists of:

Noel Bardh, 45, Romance/Grilled Cheese, 2nd LTW 20 lovers
Caroline Johansson, 42, Romance, LTW 20 lovers
Stina Johansson, 42, Family, LTW Education Minister
Alexander Johansson, 12, Pleasure, LTW Unknown
Maja Johansson, 2
Rio and Janeiro, dogs

For the first time ever, at the age of 42, Stina Johansson has a wish to get married. She has had the hots for dormie Tony Johansson (!) since college, but never wished to settle down. Now she’s very close to her goal of becoming the Education Minister, and probably she feels her biological clock ticking, and therefor wishes to get married.

Caroline, at the age of 42, for the first time ever wishes to get a job, in the Slacker or Dancer careers, but there are no openings. She inherits some money from her father Robin Logren though.

Stina asks Tony to marry her and to move in with her, and he accepts, bringing 17.000§ and a University degree in Biology

Tony is a Fortune sim with an LTW to become a Business Tycoon. He’s a Gemini with a True Hobby of Sports  and is 18 years younger than Stina! He turns on from glasses and full face makeup but turns off from red hair.

He starts from the bottom in the Business career, as a Mailroom Technician

Stina gets a pair of glasses to please her fiancé. It’s good for her image anyway, working in the Education career. She maxes her Logic skill to be able to reach the top.

Her studying pays off and she’s promoted to Education Minister the next day. She brings Patric Carlsson with her home.

She’s a bit slow with the aspiration points. She gets those when she’s doing the invitations for the wedding party

They keep the wedding indoors, since it’s freezing cold outside

Seems Tony has a tap dancing suit

Mr and Mrs Johansson!

And Caroline is straying in the romantic mood of the wedding...

Directly after the party, and a nap, Stina starts looking for a job in the Law Enforcement career, since her new LTW is to become Captain Hero.

Stina doesn’t find a job, but Caroline does, as a Tapdancer.

Noel takes it upon himself to each Maja her toddler skills.

“Say Pappa!”

Mission completed!

Walking mission completed! and now some random family trees:

Caroline is the daughter of CAS toddler Livia Johansson and is generation 2. Her children are generation 4 though, since their father Noel is generation 3.

Noel is son to Thea (Mattsson) and Cristopher Bardh. He’s got a twin brother, Simon, and a halfbrother by his father, Jörgen, who’s mother is Vera Johansson, who is Caroline and Stina’s cousin.

Stina and Caroline are cousins, too. Stina's father was Daniel Johansson and her mother was Sofie Melinder. Daniel and Livia were brother and sister.

Alexander makes himself useful by washing the dogs, who are mostly ignored.

Then he asks his friend Saga on a date, even though he’s gay. He doesn’t know any gay guys to date.

Hey – here is one! Ludvig Burlin. But he doesn’t find Ludvig hot either, so he continues his date with Saga.

He wished to dance and we tried the classical dance option, which is apparently a romantic option, so we have a crush between these two gay youngsters. (Yes, she’s gay, too. Both are low gay though)

They finish off their night out with a visit to the outdoor restaurant by the church.

And at home it’s time for Maja’s birthday

Happy birthday! And Get Well, Simon!

The same night, Caroline is promoted to Ballroom Dancer

Maja starts her childhood with playing the piano

Maja and Alex can even start a band – Alex on guitar and Maja on piano.

Family Sunday!

Maja takes the opportunity to get to know her second cousin Frida, her cousin Cecilia and her second cousin/uncle (!) Jörgen.

Noel takes the opportunity to flirt with Caroline’s cousin Åsa. It’s appreciated by Åsa, but not by Caroline

Noel looks totally baffled, like “What did I do?!” Åsa falls madly in love and Caroline can not resist Noel’s hotness even though she’s furious from his treason.

Among the chaos, the newlywed (or not, it’s several days later) find some time for their first married woohoo. They’ve been busy.

Caroline gets promoted to Flamenco Master and Maja in new hair welcomes her.

The rift between the two Romancers is growing bigger. Noel takes one of his college lovers to their bed. She looks like she could use some warming up.

Caroline doesn’t let him outdo her. She invites her highest match, three-bolter Christoffer Montell for a date. Her LTW of 20 loves has been put on hold for a while, but now there’s no reason to hold back.

There are others than Noel that have opinions about thet, though. Hugo Mattsson does a random walk-by and feels betrayed!

It doesn’t stop Caroline and Christoffer and we have lover no 9. Alex is unphased, or just looks in another direction.

And we end this update with Tony, who starts off his spring by getting promoted to Executive Assistant.

Korskrogen after round 24:
Stina Johansson
Tony Johansson
Caroline Johansson
Noel Bardh
Alexander Johansson
Maja Johansson
Rio and Janeiro, the dogs.

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