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Roteberg year 88-92 - Secondary Aspiration Spree

Previously at Roteberg, Wilhelm moved in to live with Monica. Susanne released her 5th book about Dr Susanne, which was a bestseller. The sensational boy twins Niklas and Robert were born and later grew up to toddlers. Monica and Wilhelm got married after the birth, why the boys have the last name Berg, which is needed of the heir of Roteberg. 
Patrik became the Mayor of Mattsmyra, Susanne became a Rock God and Wilhwlm a Game Designer.

Roteberg year 88-92, Thursday to Monday

Susanne Mellberg, 71, Popularity/Grilled Cheese
Patrik Mellberg, 61, Popularity
Monica Berg, 28, Family
Wilhelm Törnblad, 26, Pleasure
Niklas Berg, 2
Robert Berg, 2
Kompis, the cat


Wilhelm reached the top of the gamer career last round, and now wishes for a job in the Slacker career. He looks at the ads every day, but no openings are available.

Patrik is a Popularity sim and likes to spend time with both sims and animals. The family pet Kompis appreciates the attention.

Patrik is the mayor of Mattsmyra, and is impressively tall – 204 cm! He’s the tallest man in Mattsmyra, probably.

His son-in-law Wilhelm, the game Designer, is pretty tall too – 196 cm.

While the men are at work, Susanne the Rock God entertains her grandsons Niklas and Robert with some piano playing and singing. Susanne is a modest 172 cm tall, which corresponds to the default height.

The last inhabitant at Roteberg is Monica, Susanne and Patrik’s daughter, Wilhelm’s wife and the boys’ mother. She thinks Romance like thoughts, since she’s a Family mother with a wish to have another baby.

When Susanne is not playing the piano, she’s writing novels. She’s a quite successful novelist, known foremost for her series about Dr Susanne, her alter ego.

Another success story about Dr Susanne!

Patrik is not so lucky and gets fired over a real estate affair. It’s just as well I guess, he’s over 70 years old anyway.

His new life as retired Mayor gives him more time to get to know his grandsons and to teach them things, like walking.

Monica wishes to study Anger Management. It might be connected to the fact that family Sunday is approaching and her husband Wilhelm is enemies with her sister Lena, despite the fact that he finds her three bolts hot.

Then we find that Monica has got her wish and is pregnant.

Luckily it’s time for the boys to grow up to children. Robert...

And Niklas…

Family Sunday!

The house becomes really crowded, it’s not built for a lot of guests! Nothing exciting happens during Family Sunday, mostly since Wilhelm slept most of the day – have no idea what he did the night before!

When the calm life returns Patrik maxes his Cooking skill. He wishes for skill points like a Knowledge sim!

Secondary aspiration spree! Patrik chooses Grilled Cheese just like Susanne already has. Monica chooses Fortune and Wilhelm Family.

That choice seems to be appropriate. When spring approaches, Monica is heavily pregnant!

Patrik takes care of the boys and gives them and their friends a snack in the afternoon. Grilled Cheese of course!

And here comes another one to take care of!

Say welcome to Common name no 12 – Marie, born on the 10th of March (which is today’s date when the SimGodess plays this!)’93, at 0.41 in the morning.

She’s got darkblue eyes and brown hair and skintone in between her parents'.

And by that it's time to go.

Roteberg after round 24:
Susanne Mellberg
Patrik Mellberg
Monica Törnblad
Wilhelm Törnblad
Robert Berg
Niklas Berg
Marie Törnblad
Kompis, the cat

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