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Letsbo year 88-92 - Planning Puppies

Previously at Letsbo, Georg acquired a secondary aspiration of Popularity. Alf and Ingela grew up to toddlers. Beta, the dog got stuck in her pregnancy and a new female dog was adopted - Delta. Allegra filled her aspiration panel.

Letsbo year 88-92, Monday to Friday

Georg Lind, 73, Family/Popularity
Allegra Lind, 75, Knowledge/Grilled Cheese
David Lind, 38, Popularity
Gerd Lind, 37, Family
Alf Lind, 4
Ingela Lind, 4

Gerd’s LTW is to raise 20 puppies or kittens. There seems to be something wrong with this lot, though, so her dog Beta has been pragnant for 10 years without delivering any puppies. We tried to delete the dog and restart the lot and we tried to move the family out and back in, but nothing helped. Gerd is ready to give up and wants a job in the Law Enforcement career. She accepts a position as Vice Squad.

It’s time for the twins to grow up, and two cakes are bought.

Here they are, easier to tell apart. They are pretty cute both of them, and pretty good friends.

They got an activity table as a bithday gift, and Alf finds that his true hobby is Tinkering. We already know that Ingela’s true hobby is Music&Dance.

Not much happens at this lot, so you get a random picture of Gerd playing the drums.

Georg is tired of his retired life and wishes to go back in the Law Enforcement career. He finds a job as a Police chief, which is in the adult career track. I thought he would be able to take a parttime job only. Is this something new in AL, or is this lot really messed up?

The job didn’t satisfy his wish either...

One more puppy raised. By adopting them one by one, this will take forever.

Curre is delighted to make a new try to make puppies with Delta. Let’s see if theey will ever be born...

At the same time it’s decided to give Beta up for adoption.

Georg is promoted to Captain Hero and gets his second TOC – 1p!

That made it possible for him to fill his aspiration panel, even though the picture was lost. 3p!

Allegra doesn’t want to be retired either, but wishes for a job in the Science career. Her accepting a position as an Inventor doesn’t fulfill her wish either...

Ingela is successful in school and wishes to show her report card to her father.

Gerd is promoted to Detective, and spring shows all its colours in the yard on the other side of the street.

And Allegra is promoted to Scholar

Friday we find that Alf skipped school to jump on his parents’ bed. Luckily it’s now possible to force kids to walk to school, so he’s sent off.

Spring has arrived and Allegra takes a bath in the dog tub. Georg wishes to plant a seed.

That proves to be the last thing he ever does, since the Grim Reaper arrives.

Georg lived a good life and leaves in Platinum at the age of 78 on March 22nd ’92. 1p, but Allegra is devastated of course.

Letsbo after round 24:
Allegra Lind
David Lind
Gerd Lind
Alf Lind
Ingela Lind

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