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Lottefors year 88-92 - Tense family

Previously at Lottefors, Elisabet had a miscarriage and got pregnant again. She also started a career in dance. Sara dated her three-bolt boyfriend Sixten. Marcus started his career in Intelligence and Simon reached the Knowledge IW and maxed all his skills. Carita was in the background.

Lottefors year 88-92, Thursday to Monday

Simon Montell, 68, Knowledge
Carita Montell, 67, Family
Marcus Montell, 29, Knowledge
Elisabet Montell, 29, Family
Sara Montell, 17, Pleasure
Jiingii, the cross-breed

We start this round with a pregnant Family sim. Last round, Elisabet had a miscarriage, so now she’s of course very happy to be pregnant!

Sara is a typical teenager and spends a lot of time on the phone, mostly with her three-bolt boyfriend Sixten, who invites her on a date to the movies.

She’s happy to go with him, even though they decide to go dancing instead of going to the movies. We were thinking of pairing her up with Oscar Rodiek, but he’s got her two cousins Siri and Siv to choose from, too, so probably Sara will keep her Sixten.

Siv is the daugther of Simon’s sister Malva and Siri of Simon’s siter Anna.

Sixten comes home with Sara and her brother Marcus is happy to see his sister’s boyfriend. He likes the boy and is happy that Sara is happy with him.

Although, when Sixten is at the poker table, Sara is very much ignored…

In other news, Pappa Simon maxes his Art Hobby interest and earns a plaque. 1p!

Elisabet’s pregnancy is proceeding well, and she feels fine, just awaits the birth of her first child

Elisabet and Marcus’ relationship is also healthy, and the joke around and flirt with each other all the time. This round, Marcus seems to really have settled down into his adult life. Maybe he finally played off his restlessness from his youth.

The last day of high school for Sara!

She applies for her grants for good grades and for Art, while her father discusses movies with some friend.

Then her mother Carita comes home promoted to CEO.

Her last night at home, Sara checks off the stuff Pleasure sims like to do – fixing drinks

and jumping on the couch

When she’s finished, it’s time to hug her mother goodbye and head off to Uni. Sixten will come with her.

Saturday it’s babytime. Jingii and Marcus keep Elisabet company in her pains.

Please welcome Axel, Popular name no 15. He's born on the 11th of March '90 at 10.42 am.

Elisabet and Marcus are both very happy about their son’s birth, but they control themselves.

Immediately they decide that one is not enough and tries again

Elisabet works sometimes, and gets promoted to ballroom dancer. Jiingi missed her very much!

Since Sara moved out, Elisabet has become Jiingi’s new master, even though the others have spent all their lives with the dog. Elisabet seems to have a certain talent when it comes to the dog.

Then, a Montell family Sunday. The lawn fills up with relatives in the early spring morning.

The younger Mr and Mrs Montell haven’t given up on their tries for another baby.

Outside, the heat is on. There are a lot of tensions in the extended Montell family. Wilhelm, Marcus cousin, fights already with Aron Wern, his wife’s cousin. Melissa, who is Marcus’ cousin too, argues with Wilhelm’s father Allan. Wilhelm’s boys Niklas and Robert are devastated.

Then the real fighting starts. First Melissa and Allan.

And then Wilhelm and Aron

Then we have a scandal of a different kind. Marcus’ sister My’s live-in-girlfriend Louise gives Siri, one of Marcus’ youngest cousins, her first kiss!

Eventually the get-togehter calms down and turns into a birthday party for Axel.

Axel looks like a real Mattsson, which he is, on his mother’s side. He turns out to be an extremely playful Gemini.

During his party, Axel starts bonding with his Faster Sara, who is at home visiting from college. We will see her there during our Uni updates.

When the round draws to a close, we check aspiration status and find that Simon can choose a secondary aspiration of Family,  while his daughter-in-law chooses a secondary Knowledge. They are getting personalities that are very similar!

Elisabet starts to suspect that she’s pregnant,

and by morning it is confirmed.

Lottefors after round 24:
Simon Montell
Carita Montell
Marcus Montell
Elisabet Montell
Axel Montell
Jingii, the cross-breed

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