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Färila year 88-92 - Futile Quests

Previously at Färila, Maja and Leif chose their secondary aspirations of Knowledge and Pleasure respectively. Leif worked in his store Amelia's which reached level 6 in a very slow pace.
Gustav and Lena moved back from college and got married in an intimate winter wedding.Gustav tried to start his LTW of having 20 pet best friends.


Färila year 88-92 – Thursday to Monday

Leif Hartwig, 63, Popularity/Pleasure, LTW 5 successful businesses
Maja Hartwig, 72, Fortune/Knowledge, LTW Chief of Staff - acheived
Gustav Hartwig, 24, Popularity, LTW 20 pet best friends
Lena Hartwig, 24, Romance, LTW Rock God

Gustav wishes for a job in Politics (or Athletic). Since he studied Political Science in college, it would fit him perfectly, but there are no openings.

His LTW however is to have 20 pet best friends, and the SimGodess has an idea. Gerd Lind at Letsbo had to give away her dog Beta, who got stuck in her pregnancy. Gustav adopts her, and if she is released from her eternal pregnancy, the puppies could be adopted back to Gerd (since she wants to raise 20 puppies).

Sadly, it seems that there still will be no puppies, but Gustav can still have Beta as a best friend and work on his own LTW. 

Note the cloud of air raising from Gustav’s mouth in the chilly spring day. Never saw that before!

Then back to the job hunt. No luck.

Gustav: ”Lena, what do you say, maybe we should try for a baby?”
Lena: “Haha, that would be something! I hope he looks like your father in that case – I’m in no hurry, though!”

Before any new grandchildren are delivered, Maja dies in Platinum on the 13th of March ’89. She leaves behind her husband Leif, 65 and children Max, Åsa, Gustav and Elisabet with their families.

Her adopted son Max has two girls, Emmy and Stina. Åsa has daughter Frida, Elisabet has son Axel, and Gustav has not started producing yet.

Lena suddenly remembers that she’s got a career related LTW, and accepts a low rank Music job as Café Sound Technician.

And as things turn out, she immediately realizes that she’s pregnant

Leif has problems with his LTW of getting 5 succesful businesses. At Amelia’s (level 6), he gets a lot of complaints about Andrea, and decides to fire her to see if it gives any efect on the business.

No improvement is seen at Amelia’s, and Leif gets bored and buys a gym. He keeps the clothes shop, though, he just doesn’t want to deal with it right now.

The first customers to the gym are Leif’s aunt Thea and his cousin Hugo, and one random townie. Good start!

He decides to hire Nanna Zetterling to do some cleaning, even though she’s got no skills whatsoever.

Then he’s got time to have a family reunion in the hottub.

And after a nice first day we have level 1!

At home, Gustav continues his futile quest of getting 20 pet best friends. He’s not even best friends with his own dog yet, but still works on his sister’s too.

The next business day, Leif  decides to hire Hedvig Huffelberg as a bartender, in hopes that the level will rise quicklier.

And in the end we actually reach level 2.

Sunday, Gustav finally finds a job in the Political career, and what a job! He’s starting as a state assembly person and does not have a long way to the top – just some charisma needed to go all the way.

Family Sunday!

The Hartwig/Berg family is of medium size, and they have four children and three animals together.

The now visibly pregnant Lena exchanges some tips with her equally pregnant sister-in-law Elisabet.

Then the event is further spiced up by a fight between Gustav’s cousin Christoffer and his stepmother Rut. They really hate each other now!

Lena doesn’t hate Christoffer at all. Quite on the contrary, she finds him three bolts hot. As his father Sebastian. And Wilhelm Törnblad, her sister’s husband. It’s not easy to keep your hands to yourself when you’re a Romancer among all these hotties. Lena turns to cooking.

Then it’s babytime and she looks forward to having her body to herself again.

It’s a girl with classical Berg colours. She gets Common name no 65 – Birgit. She’s born on May 9th ’92 at 2.40 pm.

Leif tells his nephew Christoffer all about it.
Christoffer: “OK, Morbror Leif, this is way too much information!”

And lastly (is that a word? Well, it is now!) we give you the proud father maxing his Charisma skill. He is now ready for the really high places in Politics!

Färila after round 24:
Leif Hartwig
Gustav Hartwig
Lena Hartwig
Birgit Hartwig
Alfa, the dog

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