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University year 88-89


Filip Burlin come to college with his father

Kevin Burlin

The eldest sons of Kevin R and Kevin B look way too much alike. Oscar Rodiek has to change his hair. Filip Burlin looks good with his neat hair and leotard, being extremely gay and all.

Oscar wants to apply for the Greek House Helsinge Nation and calls the only two members left to try him out.

He proves to be worthy and is accepted.

Filip wants to try out for Helsinge Nation, too

Unfortunately it’s not as easy for him. He doesn’t succeed at first try.

Next try is more successful, and when the boys finish their first semester they will be invited to move to the Greek House.

Year 88, Helsinge Nation

The Greek House Helsinge Nation is a bit deserted at the beginning of year 88 – only the cousins Melissa Montell, Psychology senior and Christoffer Montell, Drama Junior lives here. The eternal cheer leader Linn is one of the few visitors.

Sometimes Christoffer invites over his threebolt girlfriend Hedvig and they spend some quality time together.

Here comes the new inhabitants

They seem to have a great time in the Greek House. Filip finds Christoffer really hot and Oscar loves all the parties – they make him all glitchy-eyed!

Filip becomes a bit of a stalker on Christoffer. Christoffer doesn’t seem to mind, but doesn’t encourage it either.

The cheerleaders are doubling up!

Melissa takes the opportunity to meet the new cheerleader Bella.

Oscar and Melissa aren’t getting along so great

But better than Linn and the cow mascot!

Both Filip and Oscar wished for a bird, so they got Newton. Let’s see how long he’ll be around.

Then it’s time for Melissa to graduate SCL in Psycology. She orders a bartender to attend the party.

She celebrates her graduation with her boyfriend Måns Ljunggren in the hottub. The bartender is annoyed she cannot serve them drinks while they’re at it.

And this is Melissa’s graduation picture with Måns...

At the beginning of year 89, there are three members left at the Greek House Helsing Nation:
Christoffer Montell, Romance, Drama Senior, SCL
Filip Burlin, Pleasure, Physics Sophomore, SCL
Oscar Rodiek, Pleasure, Mathematics Sophomore, SCL

Year 89, the dorms

Malcolm Markövertag follows his eldest daughter Siv to Uni and drops her off at the dorm that carries his name.

The first thing Siv does is applying to the Greek House Helsonge Nation. Her cousin Christoffer Montell, who she doesn’t know, leads the trials. She’s already good friends with Filip Burlin, but she doesn’t know Oscar Rodiek either.

In the middle of the trials, Siv’s boyfriend since forever, Lars-Erik Knutsson, dormie, flirts with another dormie, Jenny Jernstedt, who pretends nothing happened. Siv is furious!

Despite the break-down of her love life, she succeds in getting accepted in Helsinge Nation.

Year 89, Helsinge nation

The Greek house has only three inhabitants when Siv moves there, it’s Oscar, Christoffer and Filip. There will not be a lot of Romancing drama this year, since Christoffer is Siv’s cousin, Filip is gay and Oscar is a one-bolter.

By the time she moves in, Siv has decided that she wants to major in History, like so many other Family sims.

There is not so much romancing in the Greek House, but a lot of swooning. Chistoffer is the hottest sim in this generation, for sure! The girl is the cow mascot without her suit.

No matter what it looks like, Christoffer didn’t sleep with her.

For the first time in years, we have a sim with a preferred hobby of Nature in the GH. Oscar sows some tomatoes and thereby starts the garden again.

The nature interest also includes a wish for a new parrot, who gets the name Wilhelm Tell. Newton didn't last long...

By the end of her freshman year, Siv forgives Lars-Erik for his indiscretion earlier.

And Christoffer, Mr Hot himself, graduates SCL in Drama.

Hedvig Huffelberg is groomed to become the mother of Christoffer’s children, and she has been played separately, since she’s part of the sorority already present on campus.

During the party Oscar and Siv tries out a date, but it’s pretty awkward. It doesn’t lead to anything but a better party score.

Ulrika Myhr and Thomas Cormier contributes to the high score, too, by falling in love with each other. She’s one of those hopeless Knowledge sims that behaves like if she was a romancer.

Then it’s time to say goodbye to college life. Christoffer’s biggest fan, Filip, gets to be in the graduation picture.

Hedvig graduates, too, from her Philosophy major.

In her graduation picture, there’s no room for anyone else than Christoffer. Hope you’ll have a good life together, you two!

When Christoffer is gone, Filip wishes for a date. Since he doesn’t know any gay guys his own age he calls the dating service. We get quite a surpise when Sara Montell’s three-bolt boyfriend Sixten falls from the skies!

To be continued...

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