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Hamre year 88-92 - Cease Fire

Previously at Hamre, Christoffer left for University. Rut found a job in the Architectural career. Christoffer left for University. Then we had a break-in and the Mattsmyra Police proved to be useless.

Hamre year 88-92, Thursday to Monday

Sebastian Montell, 49, Romance, LTW Hall of Famer
Rut Mattsson, 28, Fortune, LTW City Planner
Macke, the collie

When round 24 starts we have only Sebastian and Rut at the lot. They are both sick with the flu, but when Rut arrives home promoted to Architectural Partner, Sebastian gets well again.

Sebastian’s first wife Charlotte (Lotta) died in a freak accident with the model railway. She’s an extremely neat ghost and comes out at night cleaning up puddles while Sebastian works on his charisma skill.

But sometimes she behaves like a normal ghost and scares him instead.

Christoffer comes back from Uni with an exam SCL in Drama.

His LTW is to become a Hall of Famer and he immediately finds a job as a Superstar.

Sebastian works in the Athletic career, too, and gets promoted to Coach.

Christoffer’s Uni girlfriend Hedvig is very willing to come to Hamre for a date the next morning – and look! She wants to get married to him!

He asks her to move in right away. Hedvig is a fellow Romancer. She’s a Sagittarius and has an LTW of becoming a celebrity Chef. Right now she works as a bartender at Leif Hartwig’s gym.

While the date continues and Christoffer rolls the want to get married to Hedvig, we find a new ghost on the second floor. I remember Sebastian greeted this new townie, and then I forgot about him. Apparently he died, probably the trainset caught on fire again. The ghost is promptly moved out to the graveyard at Mattsmyra Sockenkyrka.


Since they both want to get married, Christoffer proposes to his dear Hedvig.

Christoffer: “My love, will you marry me?”

Hedvig: ”Yes, please!”

A crazy Montell family Sunday will be combined with the wedding party.

The family gathers for the occasion. Luckily, Hedvig has no relatives. Christoffer has more than enough to crash j68’s computer repeatedly.

With lower graphics and no shades we make it though the ceremony. The relatives are very happy, and so is j68.

At least until Christoffer’s cousin Wilhelm Törnblad starts a fight with Aron Wern, who is married to Christoffer’s other cousin Annika (Sandvall). Christoffer bets that Aron will win.

Cake time! Hedvig stuffs Christoffer’s face with it

The party draws to its end and some child labour is put in to clean all the dishes.

Rut gets promoted to Master Architect and cannot help thinking that Christoffer is blazing hot, despite the fact that they are enemies. It’s hard to keep them from fighting when they live under the same roof.

With darkness, a severe thunder storm starts and Malva, Sebastian’s twin sister gets fried. Luckily she lives.

Sebastian continues his quest for max charisma, and Rut is primping. That is pretty unusual in Mattsmyra, so that’s why you get such a random picture.

And BAM – Sebastian grows up well, but not more, to elder.

To keep them off each other’s back, Rut and Christoffer are ordered to play a game of chess. It works well so far as they stop being enemies.

They are however not good friends, and since Christoffer cheats, Rut gets upset.

And then she takes her revenge

Hamre after round 24:
Sebastian Montell
Rut Mattsson
Hedvig (Huffelberg) Montell
Macke, the collie

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