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Holmsveden year 88-92 - Missing Mamma

Previously at Holmsveden, Daniel the ghost scared Bertil so much he became nocturnal. Sofia had dates with Ralf one minute and with David the other. David had a relationship with Alicia and no one was jealous. Ralf had a lot of promotions and moved out to live with Elin Tång, his alien girlfriend.

Holmsveden year 88-92, Thursday to Monday

Alicia Mattsson, 75, Fortune/Popularity
Sofia Mattsson, 45, Pleasure
David Ottomas, 44, Popularity
Bertil Mattsson, 11

This house continues to be strange. David has a tight love relationship with both Alicia and Sofia, and there is never any jealousy between them.

On the contrary, they are very close, they have one of the closest mother-daughter relationships this SimGodess has ever seen.

It’s Bertil’s birthday, and he prepares by taking a bath. 

”Happy birthday dear Bertil, happy birthday to youooooo!”

He grows up well in a nice looking red shirt.

He rolls the family aspiration, with an LTW to marry off six children. This family might be one of the biggest instead of the smallest in the future...

At the same time, Sofia comes home promoted to Celebrity Chef, which was her LTW. 2p!

She now wants 50 first dates, but no, it would strain the unjealousy of this house too far I believe.

The next day it’s David’s turn to get promoted, to Symphony Conductor. Look, he brings flowers with him home, isn’t that sweet!

Bertil has the Rodiek kids over.

This is the real reason for bringing them over. We have a hope that there will be a match between Bertil and Svea Rodiek in the future. He outgrew her temporarily, but as soon as we get to her house she will be a teen, too.

For the moment, they just swim and play in the pool, though.

In the meantime, the 152 cm short Sofia discusses cooking with her cousin Georg’s daughter Jenny Mattsson, the heiress to Mattsgården.

Bertil is heir to Holmsveden. He’s got no brothers or sisters, and neither does Sofia, so this is a really small family, even though they belong to the vast Mattsson clan.

David has one brother and one sister, and both his parents and even his grandmother is alive.

Family Sunday is a small affair in this big house

Bertil tries to keep up with his homework. He’s marginally better in school than his mother was, but really not much. Probably the readers don’ t remember it, but we spend Sofia’s entire childhood and teenages struggling with her homework.

Bertil likes to hang out with his Mormor and his Mamma, and often seeks them out spontaneously. Mormor Alicia is also very short, only 152 cm. 14-year-old Bertil is much taller, even though he will end up on only 168 cm, like his father..

His father David, who maintains his unorthodox relationship with his son’s grandmother.

Bertil, who just became a Family sim, now knows how to make Comfort Soup, and cooks lunch for his Farmor Samantha and his Farfar Peter.

Then we have a ”Don’t wake the llama” game for the ladies.

And before the night ends, Alicia leaves with a very unwelcome guest. She leaves in Platinum at an age of 78, on the 15th of May ’91. 1p!

In the middle of the sadness, David comes home promoted to Rock God, which was his LTW. 2p! Now he wants 20 simultaneous best friends, which we will probably reach for, since it’s on the way to the Popularity IW.

Sofia is very taken by her mother’s passing. They were really close.

She tries to cheer herself up by singing Alicia’s favourite song

But it just makes her even more sad

Luckily, she still has Bertil

And she’s got David, all to herself now.

But when she’s alone, the thoughts and the sadness comes back to her, and they probably will for a while.

Holmsveden after round 24:
Sofia Mattsson
David Ottomas
Bertil Mattsson

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