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Österås year 88-92 - Moving Forward

Previously at Österås, Elin developed her interest in Grilled Cheese and reached the top of the Science career. Then she fell in love with Vera's lover Ralf Lilja and he moved in. Vera flirted with her gay friend Oscar Törnblad. Jörgen found he has a Music&Dance hobby at an early age and grew up to child.  

Österås year 85-87, Monday to Wednesday

Ralf Lilja, 45, Knowledge
Vera Johansson, 45, Romance
Elin Tång, 30, Knowledge/Grilled Cheese
Jörgen Johansson, 5

Jörgen heads off for his first day of school and Mamma Vera wishes him good luck. Ralf is studying.

He’s a Knowledge sim and loves skilling. He also needs max cleaning to get ahead in his Science career.

Jörgen, maybe because of his alien heritage, loves logic and he plays chess all the time. After his first day of school his new friend Gert follows him home to play.

Vera wants to woohoo 10 sims and has invited Oscar Törnblad, who is really gay, but he didn’t turn Vera down anyway. Vera’s father Maximilian, who was gay himself, has something to say about that.

It’s only a temporary interruption, though, and we have love.

And we have 10 woohoos

Then we have promotions. Vera becomes Assistant Coach

And Ralf becomes an Inventor.

Elin, who is off work most of the time, studies Anger Management.

And with that, she fills her aspiration points panel. 3p!

Then Ralf cooks dinner and sets the stove on fire

And we find that this house is one of few that still doesn’t have a fire alarm.

Eventually they succeed to call in the fire department

Then, more mundane tasks, like homework. Since Vera is working, Moster Elin teaches Jörgen.

In the evening, the ghosts come out again. Elin senses the presence of the hot ghost Nero Montell.

And she’s lucky enough to see the superhot ghost of Maximilian Johansson, Vera’s father.

As a preparation for Family Sunday, we give you the family trees. They are a bit complicated, since the inhabitants in this house is only related to each other “halfly”.

Ralf’s relatives, apart from Thomas Cormier, were nowhere to be found for summoning, so they’re not here.

Jörgen seizes the opportunity to get a new chess opponent, namely his niece Maja Johansson, Noel’s daughter.

Elin, the Knowledge sim, flirts with her brother-in-law Thomas, and they fall in love. Thomas is a Knowledge sim, too. They might have had a fling in Uni, too, but the SimGodess has a bad memory, so we're not sure.

The cousins Alexander Johansson and Cecilia Lind become best friends. Alexander’s father Noel has the hots for Cecilia’s mother Annika.

Vera works Sundays and comes home promoted to Coach

Then she relaxes in the hottub

In the evening, Ralf too is promoted, to Scholar. As usual he brings home groceries. He is a regular at Britta Logren’s grocery shop

The evening is finished off with a jam session. The llama is Elmer, Elin’s father. He was a llama mascot in Uni and kept the suit.

Jörgen stays up late, challenging Ralf to a game of chess, but soon he’s sent to bed, it’s a school night!

During the night, Elin wakes up, realizing she’s pregnant. She has been fine so far, and no suspicion has been raised that this was coming. Next round we’ll have a wedding!

Since she feels so good, Elin decides to go to work anyway on Monday. It pays off – she is promoted to Hand of Poseidon and has reached her third LTW and scond TOC at age 35. 1p!

And as a last random picture, we give you Vera’s sudden wish to get married to Cristopher, Jörgen’s father! Unfortunately he’s already married, my dear. I’m sure this temporary insanity will pass.

Österås after round 23:
Vera Johansson
Ralf Lilja
Elin Tång
Jörgen Johansson

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