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Tallåsen year 88-92 - Rainy Wedding

Previously at Tallåsen, Martin and Sofie were alone in their big house with Melissa off at Uni. Sofie reached her second LTW of becoming the Law and grew up very well to elder. Martin fixed the plumbing in his IKEA store and worked it to level 8. And lastly, the couple adopted a random kitten they named Random.

Tallåsen year 88, 89-92 – Thursday to Monday

Sophie Montell, 55, Fortune
Martin Montell, 53, Fortune
Gumman, the poodle
Random, the kitten

Martin owns the local IKEA store, and works it so well that it reaches level 9. The customers buy more and more stuff every day – look at the golden shopping bag! J

Back home, Martin puts a turkey in the oven for his birthday. Then he grows up well to elder when the turkey catches on fire!

Melissa comes home from University with a lot of skills and an SCL examina in Psychology. Gumman welcomes her.

Immediately she tries to find a job in her desired career of Law. She takes a job in the Military when she can’t find one.

New job landed, and a boyfriend willing to move in Melissa’s got. 

Måns doesn’t like brown hair, so Melissa goes for something completely different and the relationship goes from two bolts to three.

Måns can’t stop thinking about Melissa in her new hot hair. He tries to find a job in the Athlectics career, but has no luck.

In the meantime, Leif Hartwig pushes IKEA over the edge to level 10. Martin is pleased, but contains his feelings.

Martin closes up IKEA and goes home to sell it. That pushes him over the edge of his IW to earn 100.000§, if didn’t already before – the SimGodess has a bad memory. 3p

Instead he buys the local mall.

Sofie comes home promoted to Underwater Blaster  and then Marine Biologist. The bonus pushes her over the edge for her IW to earn 100.000§. 3p!

And that in turn gets her enough aspiration pints to claim a secondary aspiration of Family. Yay, Comfort Soup!

Martin no more than sets his foot in his new mall before it reaches level 1.

Then, engagement. Melissa’s blue eyes glitter when she sees the rock. 

Måns is a Popularity sim, but still gets a bad memory from the engagement.

That afternoon it’s time for the stinky poodle Gumman to leave this earth. The house is so cluttered with stuff that it’s impossible to get good pictures in some rooms.

The wedding is held on Family Sunday. Sofie’s two sisters Lena and Agnes with husbands Max and Georg gets invited.

Martin is a Montell and his brothers and sisters are all invited with their spouses – Simon and Carita, Barbro and David, Anna and Allan, Malva and Malcom and Sebastian and Rut.

Since it’s raining, the lot is lagging, and all Melissa’s 16 cousins with spouses are not invited. The SimGodess’ computer can’t handle that. The scorched sim is Malva, Martin’s sister. She got hit by lightning on another lot.

Lightning strikes again, and the wedding is off with a bang!

There’s no waiting for it, the ceremony starts immediately after the rain puts the fire out.

And a low graphics kiss ends it.

The rain pours down all afternoon, so the reception is kept indoors.

By the time the car comes to pick the newly-weds up, the rain has finally stopped.

Back to the toils of every day, Sofie gets promoted to Whale Tracker

And deep Sea Fisherman

Martin gets his mall to level 2. The flower section is most popular.

Martin’s employees are working on their skills while the store develops.

And at the end of the day we reach level 3.

Melissa gets promoted to Astronaut and brings her friend Anna with her home.

Melissa, who is now called Ljunggren, still wishes for a job in Law, though, and when an opportunity shows itself she accepts a job as an Entertainment Attorney.

And Måns finally finds a job in Athletics, as a Starter.

And as an end note, the Fortune sims Martin and Sofie wishes for another random kitten now when the kitten Random is grown-up, so Irratic is adopted. Next time, the readers might get a glimpse of the now adult cat.

Tallåsen after round 23:

Sofie Montell
Martin Montell
Måns Ljunggren
Melissa (Montell) Ljunggren
Random, the cat
Irratic, the kitten

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