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Ovanåker year 88-92 - Study Sessions

Previously at Ovanåker we had chaos with 8 children and a cat. Elisabeth got pregnant for the last time and Roland and Theodor was born. Olle grew up to a Fortune teen and arranged a successful headmaster visit. Jesper became a Pleasure teen, and the younger children had a lot of birthdays too. Filip moved to University.

5840 Ovanåker year 88

Ovanåker year 88-92, Thursday to Monday

Elisabeth Burlin, 49, Family
Kevin Burlin, 49, Popularity
Ludvig Burlin, 16, Fortune
Olle Burlin, 15, Fortune
Jesper Burlin, 12, Pleasure
Natalie Burlin, 11
Charlie Burlin, 7
Jacob Burlin, 7
Linnea Burlin, 5
Theodor Burlin, 1
Roland Burlin, 1
Sara, the cat

5841 Study Natalie

Natalie had grade-warnings last round, and Kevin now concentrates on getting her prepared for better results.

5842 Charlie sports

Charlie finished his homework and finds that his preferred hobby is Sports.

5843 Potty

With daylight, we give a typical Burlin moment. Linnea, the only toddler, gets potty trained in the middle of chaos. Half the family is gathered around her, preparing for school.

5844 Nap

She's used to her big family, though, and crawls up in the cat bed when she gets tired of it all.

5845 Grades slipping

The oldest boys’ grades are slipping, too, so a massive catch-up session ensues.

5846 Kevin city Counsil

Kevin works in the Political career and gets promoted to City Council Member.

5847 NAtalie birthday

Then, like in every update from this house, we have a birthday parade. First Natalie

5848 Natalie teen

5849 Fortune

She grows up well and chooses Fortune as her aspiration. It’s the fourth Fortune kid Elisabeth and Kevin has produced! Two are Pleasure and the rest are minors.

5850 Linnea

Next up is Linnea, who grows up to child

5851 Linnea child

She grows up well and looks a lot like her father, except her black Mattsson hair.

5852 More cake

The great official party is over, but the birthdays are not. In the background Kevin lectures Ludvig for something we didn’t see.

5853 Babies

The last babies will become toddlers tonight.

5854 Sleeps

Immediately upon turning, Theodor falls asleep on the floor, and his nice and supportive family laughs at him.

5855 Potty

They don’t always make fun of the babies – it happens that they teach them some things, too. When Roland learns to go potty, Natalie is on baby duty.

5856 Olle study

That is since Elisabeth is on teaching duty and teaches Olle how to study.

5857 Boys

This house is full of boys and there’s always one more brother to become best friends with!

5858 Jesper homework

And yet another homework session to be had.

5859 No scolar

Just when Ludvig finds that he’s got no scolarships whatsoever, the computer breaks, and he decides it’s time to move to Uni immediately. Jesper can deal with the broken computer.

5860 Talking

Kevin found the time to teach Theodor to speak and they became friends in the process. Theodor doesn’t like being left alone on the floor, though.

5861 Linnea Music

Linnea automonously finds her interest in Music&Dance

5862 Booty Siv

Her elder brother Jesper has other interests. He just booty called out notorious family girl Siv Markövertag. Had no idea he had the hots for her.

5863 Kiss

Apparently he did, very much so, and gets his first kiss from her that day.

5864 More

And more....

5865 Olle Emmy

Olle, who is older than Jesper, doesn’t want to be left behind. He invites his intented Emmy Benett over for a date

5866 More

And more…

5867 Birthday

Inside, we have a modified family Sunday birthday party again. The last toddlers Roland and Theodor are becoming children!

5868 Caek

And they manage to get their hands on some cake before bedtime in this crowded house

5869 Olle to uni

It will however get one less person crowded after tonight, when Olle leaves for University. He even manages to land a scolarship in dance!

5870 Monday

Then, for the first time ever in this house, noone is at home during daytime but the cat Sara. Luckily they remembered to feed her before they left.

5871 Handyman

What’s a deserted cat to do? She has to seek some solace with the handyman coming in to fix everything the family broke during the weekend.

5872 Wait

And then wait...

5873 JEsper Natalie

After school, the now eldest kids at Ovanåker goes downtown for some hanging out

5874 Cell

And some shopping

5875 Grades

At home, the smaller children come home from public school with better grades – Jacob even aces his report card! So it’s decided to try to get them all into the same private school that the older ones already attend.

5876 Headmaster

Roland is sent out to greet the headmaster and do the tour.

5877 Elisabeth uni prof

Elisabeth comes home promoted to University Professor. 

5878 Cooking elder

Kevin is in charge of dinner, but has to take a break to grow up to elder

5879 No eat

Then the problems start. The headmaster picks up a plate, but puts it down again, and doesn’t have dinner – 0 dinner points. He heads for the coffee machine but doesn’t drink – 0 p

5880 No school

And even though Natalie is very charming and manages to get 29 schmooze points, they don’t make it. Luckily noone had the fear not to be accepted. Better luck next time!

5881 Elisabeth elder

And as soon as the failed headmaster visit is over, Elisabeth grows up well to elder and the round is over.

Ovanåker after round 24:

Elisabeth Burlin
Kevin Burlin
Jesper Burlin
Natalie Burlin
Charlie Burlin
Jacob Burlin
Linnea Burlin
Theodor Burlin
Roland Burlin
Sara, the cat

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