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Öljung year 88-92 - Separations

Previously at Öljung, Cecilia was accepted in private school. The relationships between Simon and Annika and Thea and Cristopher were strained, but Annika and Simon eventually made up. 

5882 Year 88 Öljung

Öljung year 88-92, Thursday to Monday

Thea Bardh, 73, Fortune/Pleasure
Cristopher Bardh, 73, Romance/Grilled Cheese
Simon Bardh, 42, Knowledge/Popularity
Annika Lind, 41, Romance
Cecilia Lind, 12, Fortune

5883 Inherit

The round starts with Annika inheriting money from her late father Georg Lind, who died recently. Her and Simon really made up since last round.

5884 Bronze

When finished in bed, Simon takes up robot making. He even earns a bronze badge. He should put up some fixtures by his work bench.

5885 Cecilia fitness

Cecilia finds that her true hobby is fitness. She’s just waiting for the week to end so that she can go to college.

5886 No flirt

Thea and Cristopher didn’t make up. Thea gets furious when Cristopher tries to flirt with her.

5887 Had it

Thea: ”I’ve had it with you and your cheating ways! Don’t you ever touch me again! As a matter of fact I want you out of this house!!” This is the 22nd of May ’90.

5888 Divorce

Cristopher: ”But.. but.. but...!”

5889 Sad

He gets very sad and cries when he leaves. Thea has to turn her back on her ex-husband, who is very hot despite his behaviour

5890 Thea sad

Thea is very sad, too. After all, they shared 45 years for better and for worse.

5891 Ricky

However, when she gets over it, she starts dating Ricky Cormier, who she has flirted with before.

5892 Love

And she finds love in her old age. And during all this, Cecilia is painting one master piece after another.

5893 Dawn

Finally, it dawns on her, though.

5894 Annika coach

Annika is unaffected of her in-laws divorce and gets promoted to Coach. She brings home the hottest sim in the Simiverse – Christoffer Montell.

5899 Simon full asp

Simon loves to work out and get fit. It gives him aspiration points to fill his aspiration panel. 3p!

5900 LoP

Thea meets and pets the Leader of the Pack, but nothing happens.

5895 Thea tree

With Family Sunday approaching, we introduce new rules. Parents and siblings will be invited, but no grown up nieces and nephews. Thea is the first sim born in game and the last one to still be alive. All her parents and siblings are dead. Her father was Dan Mattsson, the patriarch of the Mattsson clan, and her mother was Lena Myhr, founder of the small Myhr dynasty. Thea had five Mattsson siblings and one Myhr brother.

5896 Simon tree

Simon on the other hand has his father alive and two brothers – Noel, his twin, and Jörgen, son of Vera Johansson and Cristhopher.

5897 Annika tree

Annika is from the small Lind family. Her mother Allegra is still alive and will be invited, as her brother David with wife and kids, Cecilia’s cousins.

5898 Family

Of course Noel’s live-in girlfriend Caroline and their children Alexander and Maja are invited, too.

5901 Cecilia

The Sunday starts off nicely with Cecilia at the drawing board.

5902 Gerd

It’s a charcoal drawing of her aunt Gerd playing the guitar.

5903 Annika LTW

Then Annika, 47, comes home promoted to the TOC of the Athletics career, which as her LTW – 2p!

5904 Lunch

A nice lunch of sandwiches is served

5905 Gift

Thea gives all her stuff from her inventory to Cecilia

5906 Thea dies

Because it’s time for her to go. Thea (Mattsson) Bardh dies at the age of 77, the 22nd of May ’91, one year after her divorce from Cristopher. She leaves behind her sons Simon and Noel with girlfriends and three grand-children, Alexander and Maja Johansson and Cecilia Lind. She goes in platinum. 1p!

5907 Simon betrayed

Simon hears his live-in girlfriend having a really great time in the bedroom...

5908 Woohoo

It turns out it’s his own father who is entertaining Annika


Simon: ”I can’t believe you two!”

5910 Out

”My mother isn’t even buried and you give me this! Out, out I say!”

5911 Sorry

Annika is so sorry, but probably most sorry for getting caught

5912 Inherit

And here comes the insurance money for Thea. I swear, this is really the order of the events exactly as they happened in game.

5913 Cecilia

Cecilia is devastated. Two divorces and one dead Farmor is a bit much in one week.

5914 scolar

However, it’s time for her too to leave, for university. She is qualified for four scolarships – in art of course, and for good grades, dance and body skill.

5915 Bye

Then she says goodbye to her father and leaves.

5916 Alone

And all of a sudden, Simon finds himself all alone in the big house.

5917 Maud

He feels a bit deserted and invites over his two-bolt friend Maud Thorell (Meadow Thayer). He greets her warmly!

5918 Love

They fall madly in love with each other.

5919 Woohoo

And the tension that has always existed between them can finally be released…

Öljung after round 24:
Simon Bardh

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