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Vallsta year 88-92 - Rekindled Flame

Previously at Vallsta, Christel and Jonas was on the verge to break-up, parading their respective lovers in front of each other. Jonas maxed his Creativity skill

5940 Year 88 Vallsta

Vallsta year 88-92, Tuesday to Sunday

Christel Garpheden, 68, Fortune/Romance
Jonas Carlzon, 68, Fortune/Pleasure

Allegra is stuck in this picture since forever. She lived here briefly when she came from college, before she married Georg Lind, don’t know why she got stuck.

5941 Christel full asp
5942 Jonas full asp

Both Christel and Jonas has developed their aspirations since last round, so they can fill their aspiration panels. 6p!

5943 Dancing

Christel celebrates with a dance with some townie guy named Ingemar

5946 Dreven

And a different type of dance with her Family lover Dreven, townie

5944 Jonas Dora

And Jonas celebrates with Dora Ottomas.
5945 Love

They even fall in love

5947 Frosty

The relationship between Jonas and Christel is frosty. He even gets out of bed when she lies down to rest.

5948 Garden

So for a while they lead different, parallel lives. Christel works in the garden until she gets a bronze badge, and Jonas is commuting with helicopter to his Business Tycoon job

5949 Max music

He also maximizes his hobby interest in Music&Dance

5950 Hottub

But then, they end up in the hottub together

5951 Rekindle
5952 Love

And the old flame is rekindled…

Vallsta after round 24:
Christel Garpheden
Jonas Carlzon

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