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Sörbo year 88-92 - Ebony and Ivory

Previously at Sörbo, Aron and Adam came back from college and got themselves jobs. Aron got married to Annika Sandvall and she got pregnant

5953 Sörbo year 88

Sörbo year 88-92, Saturday to Wednesday

Ingeborg Wern, 65, Popularity
Jerry Wern, 64, Family
Aron Wern, 26, Fortune
Annika Wern, 26, Family

Adam Wern is in this picture, but he already moved to Myren to live with Ulrika Myhr.

5954 Ingeborg sec GC

Upon entering the lot, Ingeborg has enough aspiration points to claim a secondary aspiration of Grilled cheese.

5955 Jerry drums

Jerry entertains himself by playing the drums.

5956 No good

Ingeborg bought a Snapdragon at the micromall, but there is something wrong with it, fuming green, so it’s thrown out again.

5959 Aron friend

Aron works in the Legal career and needs to get some friends in high places. He invites his colleague one night.

5957 Ingeborg tree

Family tree again. Ingeborg and Jerry has four children and three grandchildren by now. Ingeborg also has one sister left. They are part of the Berg clan.

5958 Annika tree

Annika is from the Montell clan. Her parents are alive still and she's got one sister and two brothers. No children on this tree yet.

5960 Family Sunday

The families are not that big, so the family Sunday is not crashing the computer. Thank you Wern/Sandvall!

5961 Romantic

Spring has arrived, and the adult couples are very romantic. With their respective partners, thankfully!

5962 Fire

Indoors, the heat is really rising when the train set catches on fire!!

5963 Double squad

The fire department has to double up to manage to rescue all sims and get the fire under control. What drama!

5964 Aron promotion

When the fire is put out, Aron comes home with a promotion and a friend. It’s Åsa Benett.

5965 Babytime

And by nightfall it’s babytime! On the 4th of March ’90 at 1.04 am THEY are born:

5966 Erik

Popular name no 13: Erik

5967 Nathalie

And Common name no 86 – Nathalie.

With this family we shift to the name statistics for 2011.

5968 Butler

Aron, being a true Fortune sim, rolls the first Butler want ever in Mattsmyra..

5969 BF

Ingeborg is a typical Popularity sim with a secondary Grilled Cheese aspiration. She combines her try for the Popularity IW with her desire to serve Grilled cheese. It works swimmingly!

5970 Annika babytalk

Annika is a typical Family sim, and studies Parenting now when she’s gor her ebony and ivory babies.

5971 Jerry sec konwledge5972 Aron sec GC

Jerry and Aron have reached so high in aspiration that they can claim secondary aspirations, too – Knowledge and grilled Cheese respectively.

5973 Birthday

Then it’s birthday time. Ebony first – Nathalie.

5974 Ivory

And Ivory Erik

5981 Victor Butler

The butler Victor makes himself useful while toddler training takes all the time in this house.

5975 Erik walks
5976 Nathalie walks

And soon both twins are walking, talking and are potty trained

5977 Doghouse
5978 Doghouse

However, they often sleep in the dog houses that are still standing on the lot, even though there was a long time since there was a dog living here.

5979 Nathalie

5980 Erik

They are really kind of cute, the little Ebony and Ivory twins, don’t you agree?

5982 Ingeborg full asp 

And we end this round with Ingeborg filling her aspiration panel. 3p!

Sörbo after round 24:
Ingeborg Wern
Jerry Wern
Aron Wern
Annika Wern
Erik Wern
Nathalie Wern

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