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Strandbrynsvägen year 88-92 - Everybody's Happy

Previously at Strandbrynsvägen, Lovisa and her parents studied. Lovisa grew up to a Fortune teen and started dating Pontus Sandvall and was accepted in private school. Engla reached the Knowledge IW and chose a seconday aspiration of Popularity. She also cheated with Marcus Montell. Hugo reached his LTW of becoming a Mad Scientist. Tessa and Elmer were permaplat elders.

5983 Strandbryn year 88

Strandbrynsvägen 407 year 88-92, Thursday to Monday

Tessa Tång, 70, Fortune/Family
Elmer Tång, 67, Family
Hugo Mattsson, 42, Knowledge
Engla Mattsson, 42, Knowledge/Popularity
Lovisa Mattsson, 14, Fortune

5984 Tessa inherit Alicia

The update starts with Tessa, the Fortune/Family sim inheriting some money from her dear friend Alicia Mattsson who died recently.

5985 Lovisa

That makes her so happy that she gladly says yes when Lovisa asks her permission to go out with her boyfriend Pontus Sandvall.

5986 Happy

Lovisa, who is a Fortune sim, too, is very happy that Pontus’ family is rich and sends a limo to pick her up.

5987 Bird

Hugo discusses recycling with the new bird Cheesecake and teaches it to talk. He does it to max his own charisma skill.

5988 Bowling

Bowling gives him his body skill

5989 Mechanical

And reading a book gives him his last mecanical skill point and thus he maxes all his skills. 3p for a Knowledge sim like Hugo!

5990 Sec romance5991 Sec Fortune

That makes him very happy and he chooses a secondary aspiration of Romance.

That makes us realize that the other members of this household are pretty happy too. Elmer chooses a secondary Fortune, which is interesting. He is now Family /Fortune and his wife Tessa is Fortune/Family

5993 Tessa LTW

Tessa just fulfilled her second LTW by earning 100.000§. She now wants to Marry off 6 children. It’s a bit late, though, since she’s got only Engla and she is already an adult. Anyway, Tessa is happy anyway.

5992 Tessa full asp

She even has a full aspiration board. 3p!

5994 Engla full asp

A round of a lot of points, indeed. Engla has a full aspiration board, too and earns another 3p!

5995 Hugo cooking

Hugo, who now knows everything tries to max his Culinary enthusiasm by cooking for everybody.

5996 Engla MArcus

Engla brings home Marcus from work. We’re watching you – we remember that you two jumped in bed last time!

Engla: “Tee-hee!”

5997 Guidance

An event that looks like a thought – Lovisa studies couple’s guidance. Maybe she’s got some suspicions about what her mother does with her work mate!

5998 Pontus Lovisa

Lovisa and her boyfriend Pontus will both leave for Uni this round. Him before her actually. They spend a last date together.

5999 Hottub

Lovisa: ”I have actually received quite a few scolarships already, so I will be pretty well off”

Pontus: “You know that already?! I have no idea if I’m getting any!”

6000 Some

Lovisa: ”Come here, I’ll get you some!”

6001 Yay

Both: ”Wow! That was better than scolarships! Can’t wait until we’re in Uni and can do this every day!”

6002 Engla family

In time for family Sunday we look at the family trees. At least Engla’s. Hugo’s picture was lost in cyberspace.

Engla is the only daughter of Tessa, but her father Elmer has an alien daughter, Elin, too. She and her fiancé Ralf Lilja will be invited, as will Hugo’s sisters Elisabeth Burlin and Emilia Carlsson with husbands and minor children, and his brother Georg and wife Agnes.

6003 Family

The Family Sundays are getting a bit more convenient with the new rules to not invite all grown up children, but only the minors. There’s still some people, since the Burlin family is related to this house.

6004 Hanging

The hanging out starts immediately

6005 Dancing

A good time is had by all and noone fights

6006 Cousins

The oldest cousins bond towards the end of the night. Berit will come with Lovisa to Uni, they are the same age. Natalie is younger, so she’ll have to wait.

6007 Fitness

After her last day of high school, Lovisa tries out the new disco sphere and finally finds her True Hobby, which is Fitness.

6008 Scolar

A last check of her available scolarships shows that she’ll receive 4.250§ for five different grants – Grades, Art, Genius, dance and sports.

6009 Off to Uni

Then she says goodbye to her parents and is off!

Strandbrynsvägen 407 after round 24:
Tessa Tång
Elmer Tång
Hugo Mattsson
Engla Mattsson


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