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Svedja year 88-92 - The 911 Effect

Previously at Svedja, Oscar started his Athletic career right off the bat (heh!). Love moved in and wrote a bestselling novel about the white Ghost Dog of Svedja. Anna was promoted. Allan and Siri fixed the broken appliances.

6031 Törnblad year 88

Svedja year 88-92, Thursday – Monday

Allan Törnblad, 57, Knowledge
Anna Törnblad, 57, Family
Oscar Törnblad, 26, Popularity
Love Carlsson, 25, Fortune
Siri Törnblad, 17, Romance

6032 Love job plus book

The update starts with Love (Lou-veh), Oscar’s fiancé. He gets a job in his desired Athletics career as an MVP.

6033 Book

Then he starts a new book about the financial boost that follows after disasters.

6034 Friends

Oscar is a Popularity sim and reconnects with his old townie friends. He could try to get friends with his sister first, just saying...

We also see that he’s in love with Vera Johansson, but that’s entirely her fault, since she seduced him at her house.

6035 Allan dreaded

Allan, like all elders, stopped wearing work uniform after the installation of AL. Nevertheless he gets promoted to Dreaded Pirate, and is well under way to the top of his second career.

6036 Chess

The last inhabitants, Siri and Anna, play chess. Siri hopes to get some scolarships and Anna needs logic skill for her job as an Animal Linguist.

6037 MP3
6038 Game

As another preparation, she buys an MP3-player and a hand game, to always have something to do at campus

6039 Rock

Back home she proves to be a real rocker girl. 

6040 Love asst coach

Love gets promoted to Superstar

6041 Oscar Allan

Oscar gets promoted, too, to Assistan Coach, and Allan to Warhead disarmer

6042 Oscar Love

And here we see the difference between the lovers, Love 164 cm and Oscar 196.

6043 Siri scolar

Siri collects her scolarships in body, art and for good grades (no logic) and heads off to Uni. Anna smiles, as always. She has been smiling all her life, I swear

6044 Max literatur

When she’s gone, Love continues with his book and maxes his Literature enthusiasm. 1p! Allan works on his creative skill.

6045 Oscar coach

A lot of promotions this time, Oscar becomes Coach and brings Louise Wern with him home

6046 Allan Love

Allan is a Hostage Negociator and Love an Assistant Coach. He’s following in Oscar’s footsteps, filling the positions he leaves behind.

6047 Book6048 Success

 Then Love finishes ”The 911 Effect”, which is an instant success.

6049 Anna tree

Anna is part of the Montell clan, and has five brothers and sisters. All their children are grown up now, except Malva’s daughter Helena. Anna has three grown up children, and is halfway to her LTW, since she’s got 3 grandchildren already by her son Wilhelm. He’s married to Monica (Berg) who is a Family sim, so maybe all 6 grandchildren might come from there.

6050 Love tree

Love is part of the Mattsson clan. His sister Berit is still only a teen and lives with their parents Emilia and Patric.

6051 Family

Family Sunday!

6052 Love coach

And the promotions continue. Love is now a coach

6053 Allan international spy

And Allan is an International spy. No promotion for Oscar today, which means that him and Love now works together.

6054 Kicky

It’s a pretty eventless Family Sunday, until…

6055 No kiss

Love’s sister Berit, 17, tries to get her first kiss from Anna’s brother Martin, 56. Luckily he turns her down.

Martin: “No, no, no, Berit, firstly, you are way too young and secondly, I’m a married man!”

6056 Ok

Berit: “Suit yourself – there’s no law against trying!”

Martin: “Maybe not, but maybe there should be!”

6057 Allan IW

In the meantime Allan maxes his Creativity skill, which was the last one for him, so he has now reached the Knowledge IW. 3p!

6058 sec family

And that makes him so happy that he can choose a secondary aspiration of Family. Lucky him, now he can even learn to make Comfort Soup, which all Knowledge sims wish for at some point in time.

Svedja after round 24:
Anna Törnblad
Allan Törnblad
Oscar Törnblad
Love Carlsson

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