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Myren - Thursday to Sunday (year 18-21)


Marita Bornemo lets Evert flirt with her. She’s only a one-bolt, but the best candidate Evert Myhr met so far. An advantage is that she’s blond. It would be nice to have one blond family in the neighbourhood, the Mattsson black is spreading uncontrollably.

Seems Marita is not objecting to become a breeding female.

Many of the first generation teens have evidently been living in celibacy, Evert gets his first kiss from Marita at age 29.

Marita sure has a weak spot for Evert. They’re barely best friends and she already really, really loves him.

Well, a couple of hours later, the feeling is mutual. J68 is already planning or a wedding. It will be a humble affair though, Evert doesn’t even have money for the bills. It’s hard to be a first generation entrepreneur.

Evert wastes no time, but proposes Marita to be his wife. She accepts willingly.

And the next day, which is actually Christmas Eve, Evert and Marita gets married. Evert’s dream of marrying someone rich didn’t come true, but now he’s got his companion in life, and maybe in the business too. Marita brings at least 8.000 simoleons, not too bad.

When the main attraction is over, the wedding party starts playing the strange game that all sims love, but j68 doesn’t understand. Marita’s money helped buy the game and also a telescope and a bookshelf.

Evert’s shop is balancing between grade 1 and 2. Not very impressive, but hopefully, with the new cash, he can make it bigger and more successful.

It seems Evert’s little soldiers aren’t shooting blanks. Marita feels terrible. If she just keeps healthy and sleeps properly, I’m sure there will be a second generation Myhr in a few days.

The expansion of the shop was a lucky investment. The goods are disappearing faster than Evert has a chance to stock the shelves.

Marita gets promoted to Bagman, but doesn’t have time to enjoy it while she’s running for the toilet.

Well, time's up, see you in round 6!

Myren after round 5:
Evert Myhr
Marita (Bornemo) Myhr

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