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Los year 88-92 - Acheivements

Previously at Los, Berit learnt to study and grew up to a Fortune teen, the new Mattsmyra favourite aspiration. She was accepted in Private School. Emilia and Patric got promotions. We had an awkward family Sunday, which had to be mended by Grilled Cheese for all

6059 Los year 88

Los year 88-92, Monday to Friday

Emilia Carlsson, 57, Grilled Cheese
Patric Carlsson, 57, Knowledge/Family
Berit Carlsson, 14, Fortune

6060 Grades

Berit, who struggled with her grades when she was younger, excels now when she shifted to private school. Maybe they’ve got better teachers there.

6061 TOC

She also excels in her career, and gets promoted to crime scene investigator. That means that she can apply for the Young Entrepreneur’s grant, which she has been wishing for.

6062 Glen

In other news, she met a twobolt boy named Glen Nyman. Let’s see where that leads.

6063 Dinner

At least he gets invited to dinner. Emilia cooked Grilled Cheese sandwiches as always.

6064 Fitness

When she’s not cooking sandwiches, she works out. Her preferred hobby is Fitness, and she also wants to get fit.

6065 Sec family

All that fulfillment makes her very happy and she joins Patric with a secondary aspiration of Family.

6066 Georg

Patric is a fulfilled Knowledge/Family sim, who maxed all skills a while back. He still likes to play chess, though, and today he invited Georg Mattsson, Emilia’s brother for a game. They even become best friends through the game.

6067 Fire safety

There’s always new stuff to learn and he reads up on Fire Safety.

6068 Sewing

He also buys a sewing machine and starts to learn that craft, too.

6069 Emilia tree

This update doesn’t include a Sunday, so we won’t have a big get-together, but I wanted to show you the Mattsson tree anyway. Elisabeth has been productive as we know!

6070 Dinner

We do have a small family gathering on Friday night, though. Love and Oscar comes over for some Grilled Cheese to say goodbye to Berit, who will leave for Uni tonight.

6071 7 scolar

Seven scolarships – that’s really good! For mechanics, logic, creativity, dance, grades, body and the Young Entrepreneur’s scolarship!

6072 Bye

”Bye, Pappa!”

Los after round 24:
Emilia Carlsson
Patric Carlsson

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