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Gondolkanalen 74 year 88-92 - Fun in the Hottub

Previously at Gondolkanalen, Siv had a steaming affair with her college loverboy Lars-Erik Knutsson. Malcolm and Malva continued to compete over promotions in the Criminal career track but they both ended up demoted. Helena grew up very well to a pretty (considering...) Popularity teen. We had several snowdays. Helena played the piano all the time. 

6094 Gondol year 88

Gondolkanalen 74 year 88, 89-92, Thursday - Monday

Malcolm Markövertag, 49, Fortune
Malva Markövertag, 49, Fortune
Siv Markövertag, 18, Family
Helena Markövertag, 14


On her last day home, Siv invites Lars-Erik over for some fun times in the hottub. Glitchiness follows:


And it ends with a real premier woohoo.

6103 Scolar

Siv collects her few scolarships, in art and dance (What happened to your grades, Siv?)

6104 Bye

She says goodbye to her mother and is off.

6105 Drinks

With one daughter now in college, Malva has time to start drinking again. She did that a lot when she first came here.

6106 Jesper

The other daughter, Helena, has the hots for Jesper Burlin. Last time they met, she got her first kiss from him. Today she’s nooging him instead.

6107 Hottub

It’s temporary, though. They soon get in the hottub together.


And Helena isn't outdone by her sister.

6112 Courier

Malva is struggling with her career, and just got promoted to Courier

6113 MAlcolm tree

Malcolm is as we know, part of one of the oldest families in Mattsmyra. He’s got no living relatives. He keeps up the tradition to marry women with a first name starting with "M".

6114 Malva tree

Malva is from one of the biggest families. She’s got five brothers and sisters who are all married. However, their children are adult now, and therefor excluded from the family Sundays.

6115 Seniors

Therefor it’s only the elderly couples showing up for family Sunday. Only Rut Mattsson is a bit younger.

6116 Siv

And Siv of course, helping the gardener out with the bushes.

6117 Food

Food and drinks are served.

6118 Barbro

It’s a bit too much for aunt Barbro. She’s getting old and cannot keep up the pace.

6119 Bookmaker

That night, Malva gets another promotion, to bookmaker

6120 Sneaking

And at the same time (bad timing), Helena tries to sneak out with Jesper. It’s not appreciated!

6121 Yelling

Malva: ”This behaviour is NOT acceptable, Helena!”

6122 To bed

”Go to bed, Helena! How could you betray my trust like this?!”

6123 MAlva elder

Then next day – elder Malva comes home from her bookie job

6124 Malcolm elder

Malcolm has the same age and grows up a little later into some very modern looking threads.

6125 Scolar

By then it’s time for Helena to claims her scolarships for grades, communication, art and dance. She succeeded better than her sister.

6126 Bye

”Bye, Mamma! Say bye to Pappa too when he gets home from work. I’m off now!”

Gondolkanalen 74 after round 24:
Malva Markövertag
Malcolm Markövertag


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