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University year 90-92

This is a huge update, 105 pictures!

Year 88-89

Year 90  - The Dorms

9699 Sara year 90

Sara Montell is the first sim of year 90 to arrive to the dorms.

9700 Sandvall year 90

Joining her are her cousins Pontus and Oliver Sandvall

9701 Siri year 90

Cousin Siri Törnblad

9702 Sixten year 90

and Sara’s three-bolt boyfriend Sixten Mossberg

9703 First

My game has the notion that this was their first kiss, but I’m pretty sure it’s not. Maybe it is because he just became playable.

9704 Siv Oscar

The Greek House members Siv Markövertag (also a cousin to Sara, Siri, Pontus and Oliver) and Oscar Rodiek get inspired. It might actually have been his first kiss. It’s not hers, since we know that she’s had a relationship with a college boy since she was a teen.

9705 Pontus major9706 Oliver major

9707 Sixten major

The ones who have career LTW’s choose their majors. Pontus wants to be a City Planner and chooses Mathematics, Oliver wants to become a Prestidigitator and chooses Literature, and Sixten wants to become a Professional Party Guest and chooses art.

9708 Oliver GH

Then Greek House try-outs. Oliver – 1p.

9709 Pontus GH

Pontus – 1p

9710 Sara GH

Sara – 1p

9712 Oscar Siv

And Siri – 1p. No picture of her, though, but of Oscar and Siv in bed together! Do we see a future for these two? We’ll see when we get to the Greek House.

9711 Siri GH

And we are going there now – Bye Sixten!

9713 Sixten nature

Sixten is left behind in the dorms – and finds that his true hobby is Nature

Year 90 – Helsinge Nation

9714 Siri lightning

There is not much happening at Helsinge Nation. Apart from that Siri gets hit by lightning

9715 Siri major

If that made her decide on her major is unknown, but she does choose Art.

9716 Filip twobolt

Filip takes a trip to campus and for the first time in his life finds someone who is hot for real. His name is Amar (later changed to anders to be more Swedish) and he seems to be a member of the secret society which none of j68’s sims ever becomes a part of.

9717 Wilhelm Tell dead

Tragedy strikes when the GH parrot Wilhelm Tell dies unexpectedly.

9718 End Year 90

At the end of year 90, we have 7 inhabitants at Helsinge Nation.

Oliver Sandvall, Knowledge sophomore, Literature SCL

Sara Montell, Pleasure sophomore, no declared major, no honours

Pontus Sandvall, Knowledge, should have been a sophomore with a mathematics major, but is on academic probation since j68 left the game running while having dinner :/

The redhead is called Jerzy Rodiek (I think) and is only visiting.

9719 End year 90

Here we see Filip Burlin, Pleasure senior, Physics SCL

Oscar Rodiek, Pleasure senior, Mathematics no honours

Siri Törnblad, Romance sophomore, Art SCL

9720 End year 90

and Siv Markövertag, Family junior, History MCL

Year 91 – the dorms

9721 Dorms 91

In the dorms, we find at the beginning of ’91, three sims. It’s Ludvig Burlin, who is a single gay, Sixten Mossberg who is dating Sara Montell, and Jenny Mattsson, who is dating Vidar Rodiek.

9721 Jenny year 91

Jenny arrives with her father Georg

9721 Ludvig year 91


9722 Jenny pol sc

Jenny wants to become a General and chooses to major in Political Science. Sixten is an Art major and Ludvig hasn’t decided.

9723 Sara Sixten

Sixten loves his Sara. They have three bolts and puts the hottub to good use. Sara lives in the Greek House.

9724 Oscar Siv

Other Greek House members who uses the hottub are Oscar Rodiek and Siv Markövertag. They have an on-and-off relationship going. Now it’s apparently on.

9725 Siv Lars-Erik

You would think Siv is a Romancer, but she’s actually a Family girl who has a hard time making up her mind. Now she’s falling in love with her lover since forever – dormie Lars-Erik Knutsson. They have an on-off relationship, too.

All this takes place during the intense try-outs for membership in the Greek House Helsinge Nation.

9726 Ludvig GH

Ludvig is the first one to succeed in getting into the Greek house. He even managed during his first try. 1p!

9727 Jenny GH

Jenny – 1p

9728 Sixten GH

And Sixten – 1p

They will stay in the dorm all year, though, since Helsinge Nation is full

9729 Vidar

Jenny booty calls her boyfriend Vidar Rodiek

9730 Hottub

And the hottub gets put to good use again

9731 Dorm

It’s a good semester at the dorms. All the inhabitants get A+ grades and we summarize at the start of year 92:

Ludvig Burlin, Fortune, No declared major, SCL, sophomore

Sixten Mossberg, Pleasure, Art Junior, no honours,

Jenny Mattsson, Popularity, Political Science, MCL, sophomore

Year 91 – Helsinge Nation

9732 Pontus excercise

Pontus is on academic probation and is for the moment one semester behind the others. He deals with that by spending a lot of time away from the Greek house, to let time pass for him but not for them.

9733 Max body

The gym is a good place to hang out, the best actually. You can work out and max your body skill, there is a cafeteria with food, there are toilets and showers, and you can shop or watch TV. The only thing missing is a coffee machine.

9734 Library

When he’s out of probation, he’s still behind the others, so he goes to the library this time to write his term paper. He has been stalked by the secret society for a while...

9735 Christa

So he starts to hang out with them

9736 Cecilia

While there, Cecilia Lind, who waits for her dorm to to be played, steals some lime light by kissing Stefan Vestlund. What will Oliver say?!

9737 Full house

Back at the house there is dinner served in the form of Comfort soup. Siv does her best to eradicate the flu.

9738 Filip date

Filip has worked up is courage and asked Anders Carlsson for a date. He’s apparently a Popularity sim and seems to be a member of the secret society

9739 Anders Filip

Moving along nicely!

9740 Fast

And fast!

9741 Hawkings

Then he wants a bird, and he names it Hawkings for another scientist

9742 Siri futile

Siri finds Filip hot. Too bad he’s openly gay!

9743 Siri Louise

Siri is half gay herself and booty calls Louise Wern, who lives with Siri’s cousin My Montell (or is she her aunt? No they are cousins. Had to check my geneaology program)

9744 Hottub

They head straight for the hottub.

9745 Party

It’s a calm year at Helsinge Nation, despite the house being almost full. Only one toga party is arranged all year and has to be documented. Pontus new body must be documented too! He’s very fit nowadays!

9746 Sara Knowledge

After sophomore year, Sara decides to change her aspiration from Pleasure and 50 dream dates to Knowledge and an LTW to become Education Minister. 

9747 Sara Biology

To fit her new LTW she decides to major in Biology instead of Philosophy where she was placed after two years of undecisiveness.

9748 Siri Family

Siri is changed too, from Romance and 20 woohoos to Family and Golden anniversary. She keeps her major in Art.

9749 Oliver plaque

Oliver has spent a LOT of time on the ballet barre, and has reached max enthusiasm in Music&Dance – 1p!

9750 Oscar CL Mathematics

And graduations! Oscar graduates CL in Mathematics.

9751 Siv Oscar

He will move back to his parents’ house Långhed. Siv Markövertag will probably become his wife, their on-off relationship has been mostly on lately.

9752 Filip SCL Physics

Filip graduates SCL in Physics. He will move to an apartment in Bluewater and become a Game Designer.

9753 Siv Filip

Filip takes his picture with Siv, too, not Anders, though he’s still on the lot. Maybe he wants to tell us that he wants to remain single. We’ll see when we get to him.

9754 Four

At the start of year 92 at Helsinge Nation, we now have the class of ’91 moved in and the house is completely full. We see here:

Siv Markövertag, Family, History Senior,

Oliver Sandvall, Knowledge, Literature Junior

Jenny Mattsson, Popularity, Political Science Sophomore, MCL

Siri Törnblad, Family, Art Junior, SCL

9755 Four more

Sara Montell, Knowledge, Biology Junior,

Sixten Mossberg, Pleasure, Art Junior, no honours,

Ludvig Burlin, Fortune, No declared major, SCL, sophomore

Pontus Sandvall, Knowledge, Mathematics Junior

Year 91-92, the dorms

9756 Rodiek

The simGodess has too many sims in Uni this round and cannot keep track of their age. Vidar and Saga Rodiek should have been in the same dorm as Jenny, Ludvig and Sixten, but ended up in the year 92 dorm. This means that they are promptly moved out to a separate dorm to catch up their freshman year.

9757 Saga biology

Saga wants to become Hand of Poseidon and chooses a Biology major.

9758 Study

The studying starts immediately

9759 Firedate

However, Vidar is a Pleasure sim and likes dating. He invites Jenny Mattsson, his girlfriend in the middle of a thunderstorm. It’s not a good idea.

9760 More fire

After the second lightning strike, Jenny’s had enough and stomps off declaring that she would rather chew her leg off than date Vidar again. Later she comes by with a bag of flaming poo!

9761 GH

Then Greek House try-outs. Vidar succeeds

9762 GH

And Saga too - 2p for both

9763 Overheat

Then the summer arrives for real and Vidar overheats by excercise bike

9764 Cool

Saga has to cool him off with some water, while the coach yells at them both to shape up

9765 Again

Now look what you did! He overheated again, and Saga is in class!

9766 Water

A drink of water and then to bed…

9767 Again

And after a couple of hours sleep, Vidar gets out of bed and faints on the floor, overheated again! Luckily it’s time to move from this dorm to the year 92 dorm

9768 92 dorm

And here they are, Vidar and Saga on the edges and the freshmen Emmy, Olle and Cecilia in the middle. Here it’s winter, so Vidar is fine again.

9768 Emmy year 92

Emmy Benett, Romance

9768 Olle Cecilia

Cecilia Lind, Fortune and Olle Burlin, Fortune

9769 Cecilia drama

Cecilia is a Fortune sim who wish to become a Hall of Famer, so she chooses the only major that can help her get there – Drama

9770 Olle drama

Olle is a Fortune sim too, with the LTW to become a World Class Ballet Dancer, so he chooses Drama too

9771 Olle fitness

Then he finds that his true hobby is Fitness. That’s very convenient for a future dancer

9772 Que

Saga and Sixten?! Sixten is Sara Montell’s boyfriend and Saga is not particularly interested in any relationship, but still this happens. Must have been a full moon rising

9773 Cecilia GH

Then Greek House try-outs. Cecilia goes first

9774 Everyday

Olle is accepted, too, just missed the picture, so you get an everyday study session instead

9775 Emmy GH

Emmy is the last one in at the end of her freshman year

9776 Vidar fortune

Vidar decides to change his aspiration to.... Fortune! J68 dice have stuck on a new number

9777 Vidar drama

His new LTW is to become a... Hall of Famer! Another one! There will have to be a lot more teams started in Mattsmyra when this lot arrives home! So – Vidar chooses a Drama major.

9778 Sophomores

At the shift between year 92 and 93, this group will still be in the dorms, since the greek House is still full. The sophomores:

Emmy Benett, Romance, no declared major, SCL

Olle Burlin, Fortune, Drama SCL

Cecilia Lind, Fortune, Drama SCL

9779 Juniors

And the Juniors:

Saga Rodiek, Fortune, Biology SCL

Vidar Rodiek, Fortune, Drama CL

Year 92, Helsinge Nation
9780 Helsinge Nation

We have a really full house, occupied by the Montell and Mattsson clans.

Oliver and Pontus are brothers and Sara, Siri and Siv are their cousins.

Ludvig and Jenny are cousins, and Sixten is not related to anyone, but involved in a deep relationship with Sara.

9781 Broken computer

Pontus: ”It was really clumsly of you to break the computer!”

Siri: “Don’t you blame me, it could have happened to anyone. It was probably Hawkings gnawing on the cords!”

9782 Oliver max body

Oliver still spends a lot of time at the ballet barre, and maxes his body skill

9783 frozen party

There are more parties now since Jenny moved to Helsinge Nation. But a toga party in the middle of the winter might not have been her best idea

9784 Secret society

While pondering over the wisdom of winterly togaparties and thinking about what to do with the pairing ups this generation (all planned couples are not great matches) - this screen popped up. The kidnapping was completely missed!

9785 Pontus SS

Ah, it was Pontus, spending a year on community lots and getting to know the Secret Society

9786 Astrid

He spends some time on the lot, getting to know the members better.

9787 Chatting

And he gets his own nifty suit!

9788 Chatting

Apparently you don't need to be best friends with the members to be abducted, only friends.

9789 Social Bunny

And at home, in  a completely full house, Ludvig is socially deprived (how does this even happen?). He calls his mother for a chat, but it's too late - the social bunny already arrived - -1p...

9790 Luudvig meets twobolt

Then he goes hunting for a boyfriend. If he has one he can booty call him and never be socially deprived again. The clerk at the Campus café is a two-bolter, beside another guy who is in a relationship with the third guy.

9791 Hawkings

At home, Hawkings is forgotten, too

9792 Feeding

Jenny takes mercy on him and feeds him and he lives for a while longer

9793 Wants Oscar

Siv misses Oscar and invites him over right before her graduation. It's a sign to the SimGodess!

9794 Soup

And Comfort Soup is cooked for the last time in this house, at least the last time for Siv!

9795 Oscar

The graduation party is combined with a date and it works perfectly until the game crashes.

9796 Siv Oscar

With the repeated graduation party, Oscar is still here and is included in Siv's picture

9797 Three

The seven left in the house in the beginning of year 93 are from the left:

Sixten Mossberg, Pleasure, Art senior, no honours
Sara Montell, Knowledge, Biology senior, CL
Ludvig Burlin, Fortune, Philosophy junior, MCL

9798 Three

Pontus Sandvall, Knowledge, Mathematics senior, no honours
Jenny Mattsson, Popularity, Political science junior, MCL
Siri Törnblad, Family, Art senior, MCL

9799 One

And last, but not least our only top student:
Oliver Sandvall, Knowledge, Literature senior, SCL

And that's it from Uni this round!

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