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Långhed year 88-92 - The Heir Returns

Previously at Långhed, we had a snowday and a succesful headmaster visit. Agnes got fired for her sporks of steel. Moa and Matilda grew up to toddlers. Kevin accidently fell in love with his old drama professor from Uni. The boys, Oscar and Vidar, started dating. Saga and Svea spent time with friends, and finally Oscar went to Uni.

6127 Rodiek year 88

Långhed year 88-90, 91, 92 Thursday to Monday

Agnes Rodiek, Family, 48
Kevin Rodiek, Family, 48
Saga Rodiek, Fortune, 16
Vidar Rodiek, Pleasure, 16
Svea Rodiek, 11
Moa Rodiek, 4
Matilda Rodiek, 4

6128 No job

Vidar, the Pleasure sim, suddenly rolls wants for jobs. None of them are available though, and the wish soon disappears.

6129 No job

Saga wants a job in Crime, which is not available either. She’ll have to settle for a logic point by the telescope in daytime

6130 Teaching

Agnes teaches the babies Moa and Matilda their toddler skills

6131 Matilda

Then it’s birthday time for Matilda

6132 Dance

She gets a lot more hair and starts her child life with a dance.

6133 Moa

Then Moa

6134 Run

And she runs off to the toilet, shower or bed, don’t remember

6135 Sports

While playing catch Matilda finds her true hobby, which is sports

6136 Dolphine

Saga still wants to earn some money and her LTW is to become Hand of Poseidon. Therefor she applies for a job as a Dolphin Tank Cleaner

6137 Sea Lice assistant

On her first day she’s promoted to Sea Lice Assistant, which is TOC for teens

6138 Ex chef

And Agnes becomes an Sous Chef

6139 Tapdancer

And Kevin a Tapdancer

6140 Svea birthday

That night it’s also Svea’s birthday

6141 Cute

She grows up well into a cute summer outfit which she’ll be allowed to keep

6142 Knowledge

She rolls Knowledge!! That’s a while ago! Her LTW is to max 7 skills. So now we know what she’ll do the next few years!

6143 Homework

Everyday life continues with Matilda learning to study

6144 Moa study

And Moa too

6145 Restauranteur

Agnes has a good flow in her career at the moment and gets promoted to Executive Chef

6146 Scolar

Saga and Vidar collects two scolarships each. Vidar for grades and dance and Saga for grades and workmanship. It’s apparently more profitable to be a Slacker than an Acheiver

6147 Off

A last picture of the two

Vidar: “Heh! I got more scolarship money than my uptight sister!”
Saga: ...

6148 Agnes tree

Agnes is part of the small Myhr family, but since she’s married to Kevin their children are named Rodiek. Agnes brother Rolf has two daughters who are the only ones able to carry on the Myhr name.

6149 Family

Since this is such a small family, even the adult cousin Ulrika is invited to Family Sunday with her fiancé Adam wern. Their baby daughter Lisa is left at home.

6150 Cousin smustle

Cousin smustle! Oscar, Vidar and Saga are visiting from college

6151 Moa fitness

While skipping rope with Matilda, Moa finds her true hobby, which is Fitness.

6152 Restaturanteur

More promotions! Agnes is a Restauranteur!

6153 Dinner

Family Sunday continues with a nice dinner

6154 Alva Adam

And a less nice incident between cousin Alva and her brother-in-law Adam

6155 Oscar home

And it’s already time for Oscar to move back home. The computer is broken, so he tries to find a job from the newspaper. No luck

6156 Jobhunt

By morning a new newspaper is brought by the house and he succeeds in landing a job as a Button Masher in his desired Game career.

6157 Girls

His still young sisters are practising their creativity before school

6158 Matilda grades

And at least Matilda manages to get top grades. Agnes is reading up on Cooking

6159 Agnes cooking

She finally reaches max enthusiasm in Culinary as she has wished for since starting her career in Culinary. 1p!

6160 Oscar Flag Capturer

And when Oscar gets home from his first day of Button Mashing, he promotes himself by applying for a job as Flag Capturer through the now fixed computer.

6161 Siv moves in

And Siv has graduated and moves in. Look how happy Oscar is!

6162 Engagement

”Siv, will you marry me?”

6163 Wedding

”I will”

Kevin and Agnes hurries out of bed to witness the ceremony

6164 Vows

It’s a beautiful evening ceremony

6165 Kiss

And romantic

6166 Parents

One down, five to go for Kevin. Maybe he will even live to see it, since he’s still an adult himself for the first wedding and not en elder yet.

6167 Cake

Time for cake!

6168 Ear

And Siv neatly feeds Oscar’s ear with wedding cake. The party is a roof lifter and we’re looking forward to new babies in this house next round!

Långhed after round 24:
Agnes Rodiek
Kevin Rodiek
Oscar Rodiek
Siv (Markövertag) Rodiek
Svea Rodiek
Moa Rodiek
Matilda Rodiek

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