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Downtown year 88-92 - Becoming Diva

Previously at Downtown, Anita focused on her career in Show Business. She got her long-term boyfriend Michael to clean for her while she dated other men. Then j68 realized that the Show Business and the Entertainment careers are called the same thing in Swedish - "Underhållning", so Anita was on the wrong track and tried to shift to the Entertainment career instead, but didn't succeed.

6189 Anita year 88

Anita Jernelid year 88-92, Sunday to Thursday

Anita Jernelid, 38, Fortune

6190 Rut

Anita is good friends with Rut Mattsson and often  invites her over. Today there's a party.

6191 Professor Korn

The infamous Professor Korn is invited, too, and tries to come on to Rut. Rut is not pleased.

6192 Dinner

The dinner is civilized

6193 IW

The stock exchange and Anita's ordinary salary push her over the edge for the Fortune IW to make 100.000§. 3p!

6194 Ghost

Then the resident ghost, since the days when this house was an asylum, appears in the middle of Anita's Charisma practice.
6195 No show bus

Finally a job in the Entertainment career turns up. Anita accepts it.

6196 Entertainment

"I'm a Headliner!"

6197 Outing

Then time for an outing

6198 Fishing

Some fishing is on the program

6199 Boring

And hot dogs of course, what's an outing without hot dogs?

6200 Kiss

Cedric is the date for the day. Anita has a lot of fun with him this round. She never wishes for Michael anymore

6201 No job

She gets offered a job in the Military, but turns it down - after all she just found a job in her dream career!

6202 Charisma

More charisma practice, without ghosts this time!

6203 Helicopter

Then the real diva shows herself - Anita wishes for a helicopter

6204 Butler

And a butler

6205 Boyfriend

Cedric is back

6206 Lifting
6207 Woohoo

And together with him, the helicopter really flies!

6208 Prestidigitator

And the next night, Anita reaches the top and becomes a real diva and a Prestidigitator! 2p!

Downtown after round 24:
Anita Jernelid

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