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Annefors year 88-92 - Intertwined Families

Previously at Annefors, the house got bugged and some time was spent redecorating after the remedial moveout-movein procedure. My got fired from the Music career again and fought with Louise's lover Christa. Louise made a lot of friends and acquired a secondary aspiration of Family.

6209 Annefors year 88

Annefors year 88-92, Thursday to Monday

My Montell, 35, Romance
Louise Wern, 31, Popularity/Family

6210 Isabelle

Louise is first and foremost a Popularity sim, and tries very hard to become friends with Isabelle Eriksson. They have a very high relationship, but are still not friends. I guess Louise likes Isabelle a lot, but it’s not really mutual yet.

6211 Date

When both My and Louise are at home there is a lot of dating going on. At some point Louise maxed her Music&Dance enthusiasm.

6212 BF

At the end of their date, Louise takes a break to become best friends with Isabelle at last. My fears to marry Louise and her other lovers.

6213 Louise Coach

Louise becomes Coach and brings home one of My’s many cousins, Christoffer Montell

6214 Ulrika

My, who is a Romancer, has a strong attraction to Louise’s sister-in-law Ulrika Myhr, and invited her when Louise was a work. Nothing has happened between them yet, so Ulrika just swoons over My when she welcomes Louise.

6215 Crush

The next day, My takes another step with Ulrika…

6216 Flirt

She puts on her greatest charm

6217 Frustrated

But then she just walks off to bed, to SLEEP!. Ulrika is very frustrated.

6218 Max charisma

When Louise gets home she maxes her Charisma skill, which just became easier since she got two points for free from a chance card

6219 Louise tree

Louise is part of the Berg clan. She’s got one sister, Gerd, and twin brothers Aron and Adam. They are all married with pretty small children.

6220 My tree

My is part of the vast Montell clan, but her immediate family is small – only her parents and brother Marcus with wife Elisabet and little sister Sara, who’s in Uni.

6221 Sunday

Family Sunday! Ulrika Myhr is part of the family, since she lives together with Adam, Louise’s brother…

6222 Aron

She immediately causes trouble, when she hugs her brother-in-law Aron a bit too tight. Annika, Aron’s wife (who is also My’s cousin) is not amused!

6223 Simon

Then Ulrika continues to not make friends with My’s father Simon. Whatever did he do to you, Ulrika? The SimGodess has no idea.

6224 Fight

Huh?! The unexpected drama continues with Ulrika in a fight with My’s sister Sara.

6225 Aron Sara

Then Sara is very annoyed with Aron – what is this?!

6226 Fight

Very annoyed…

6227 Hall of Famers

Some good news – Louise is promoted to the Top of Athletics career, which was her LTW – 2p!

6228 Aspiration

It makes her very happy and she fills out her aspiration panel – 3p!

6229 Engagement

The happy couple celebrates with a date, when Louise rolls a wish to be married to My, and My loses her fear of marriage to Louise

6230 Engaged

So we seize the opportunity

6231 Wedding

And continue immediately to the wedding arc. Their wedding date is June 15th ‘92

6232 Rings
6233 Kiss

And the happy two selects the name Wern, since Montell is getting TOO common.

6234 Dinner
6235 Cake

Refreshments and cake is served

6236 slowdance

And the night is finished off with a slowdance under the moonlit sky for the newlyweds.

Annefors after round 24:
My (Montell) Wern
Louise Wern

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