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Bardh's Bachelor Pad year 91-92 - Tolerant Adulterers

Previously, the inhabitants of this apartment were kicked out of their home by their furious exes, all due to adultery

6283 CB year 91

Bardh’s Bachelor Pad year 91-92, Monday to Tuesday

Cristopher Bardh, 75, Romance/Grilled Cheese
Annika Lind, 47, Romance

6284 Apartment

When Thea kicked Cristopher out, he rented an apartment in Bluewater. He’s very much in love with his daughter-in-law Annika Lind, but not only her of course. Note that Cristopher has seven want panels – I never saw that in any sim before – when is that happening?

6285 Full asp

He does have had a fulfilled life, so maybe that’s one reason. He fills his aspiration panel and earns 3p, but his relationship to his grand-daughter Cecilia is dwindling.

6286 Annika

When Simon kicked Annika out, it didn’t take her long to move in with her former father-in-law.

6287 Grilled Cheese

Cristopher has two hobbies. One is cooking Grilled cheese.

6288 Woohoo

The other is woohoo. That one he shares with Annika. Gerd Hanby, maid/lover is chocked but tolerant.

6289 Woohoo

Annika is not even chocked, but calmly goes to bed in the same room as in which her lover makes woohoo to another one of his lovers.

6290 Simon

But outside, the less tolerant son/ex-lover is kicking over the trashcan

CB's pad after round 24:
Cristopher Bardh
Annika Lind

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