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Burlin's Bachelor Pad year 92 - Dinner Outing

Previously, Filip was in Uni. 


Bachelor Pad year 92, Monday

Filip Burlin, 23, Pleasure

6292 Apartment

Filip moves in to the same building as Cristopher Bardh lives in.

6293 Criminal

He accepts a job in the Criminal career while waiting for a Gamer job to show up.

6294 Neighbours

Then he sets out to meet the neighbours around the courtyard, among them Annika Lind who just moved here too.

6295 Outing

He invites a group of old friends for an outing.

6296 Dinner

They go to the Botanical restaurant for dinner.

6297 Dinner

He ends up spending all night away from the invited friends and talking to Thomas Courier all the time instead.

6298 No job

When he gets back home he goes to work, and after work he checks the ads again, but no luck

FB's pad after round 24:
Filip Burlin

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