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University part 1 - Year 93-94

9800 Berit year 93

In this 9-room dorm there will be three girls living until there will be room in the Greek House at some point.

First is Berit Carlsson, Fortune Virgo with an LTW to become the Head of SCIA. She’s the oops baby j68 never came over, thus step-motherly treated.

9802 Helena year 93

Next is Helena Markövertag, second (and surprisingly good-looking) daughter of Malva (Montell) and Malcolm Markövertag. She’s a Popularity Sagittarius with an LTW of having 20 pet best friends :/

9803 Lovisa year 93

And last, but not least, Lovisa Mattsson, sole heiress to the Ramirez fortune. She is a Fortune Aries with an LTW to become The Law. Beware criminals!

9804 GH

The trials for the Greek House, which is called Helsinge Nation, start immediately

9805 No GH
Helena starts out, but she must attend class and doesn't make it.

9806 Berit member

Berit succeeds better with her trials – she’s already best friends with her cousin Ludvig Burlin, so she only needs to schmooze the other four. (Lovisa is her cousin too – Berit’s mother Emilia is elder sister to Lovisa’s father Hugo). 1p!

9807 Lovisa polsc9808 Berit psych

Lovisa and Berit have career-related LTWs and chooses majors to fit. Political science for Lovisa and Psychology for Berit

9809 Hlena GH

Helena succeeds during her second try to be accepted in the GH. 1p!

9810 No GH

Lovisa doesn't make it the first time either

9811 Lovisa GH
But the second. 1p!

9812 Cousins BF

Berit and Lovisa hang out and become best friends in the process. It's a very calm year in this dorm

9813 SCL

And at the end of year '93 all the girls have SCL grades and are congratulating themselves.

9814 Start

In this dorm we have 5 sims, Saga and Vidar Rodiek who are juniors and Emmy Benett, Olle Burlin and Cecilia Lind who are sophomores. Olle and Emmy are in a relationship.

9815 Olle GH

We find that Olle is the only one not member in the Greek House yet, so a try-out is arranged and success is had. 1p!

9816 Emmy plaque

Emmy plays the guitar so much that she earns a plaque in Music&Dance. 1p!

9817 BF

Not much happens at the 14-room dorm, but Vidar and Emmy become best friends. It’s a bit dangerous, since they have two bolts and Emmy is a Romancer who wants 20 loves.

9818 Pleasure

Luckily Emmy’s sophomore year is up and she changes her aspiration to Pleasue with an LTW of 50 first dates!! J68 rips her hair out and cries...

9819 Juniors

At the end of ’93, we have three Juniors:

Olle Burlin, Fortune, Drama major SCL
Emmy Benett, Pleasure, Philosophy major SCL
Cecilia Lind, Fortune, Drama major SCL

9820 Senoirs
And two Seniors who look forward to move to the GH, if someone else moves out

9821 Helsinge 93

We have a pretty full Greek House, why some members just cannot live in the house. However, after this year five people will graduate and move out, so there will be a generation shift.

9822 Montells

We mainly have two clans present in the GH – The Montells represented by Sara, her boyfriend Sixten and cousins Siri Törnblad, and Oliver and Pontus Sandvall.

9823 Mattssons

And the Mattssons represented by Jenny and her cousin Ludvig Burlin

9824 Hawkings dead

Just as we open the Greek House Ludvig finds the parrot Hawkings dead. There will not be a new one until someone wishes for it

9825 Cecilia chooses

The arranged relationship between Cecilia Lind and Oliver Sandvall has not been good for the couple, and while visiting the GH Cecilia takes Steve Vestlund, member for a naughty bath.

9826 No spark

Oliver gets upset, but on the other hand, there are no bolts between him and Cecilia, so that's that. We'll see what happens with the homestead Runemo now.

9827 HAcking

Oliver's twin Pontus tries to hack his grades. Seems he gets into the system, but no result is seen on his grades.

9828 Lightning

Then there's thunder and lightning and Cecilia gets hit

9829 Lightning

And then Pontus

9830 Both

Pontus: ”It’s probably punishment due to you woohooing Steve in the hottub”
Cecilia: “In that case, what did you do?”
Pontus: “I did it on purpose of course, I’m a Knowledge sim!”

9831 Oliver Jenny

Int he meantime, Oliver has graduated and calls a party. He has found a new love – Jenny Jernstedt

9832 Happy

They look very happy as Filip Burlin, Ludvig's brother notices.

9833 Karaoke

They spend the party singing karaoke and having a great time

9834 Graduation
But when it's time for the picture, he grabs his cousin Siri instead. He graduates SCL in Literature. 1p!

9835 Saga and Vidar

With the graduations coming up, Saga and Vidar Rodiek moves into the house.

9836 Sara

The graduations continue - next is Sara Montell

9837 BF

Still friendships are formed, between Siri Törnbland and Jenny Mattsson in this case

9838 Saga Sixten

And between Saga and Sixten!

9839 Love

They are lost!

9840 Sara graduate
 Sixten acts like nothing happened, and Sara didn't notice, so their plan to move in together is still standing

9841 Siri
Next - Siri!

9842 Beating Ludvig

She takes the time to beat up Ludvig Burlin one last time. They have become enemies during her last years in Uni, reason unknown. The SimGodess has not even bothered to take pictures of this behaviour before

9843 Siri Louise

Siri chooses Louise Wern for her graduation picture. They have a past as lovers. Siri is bi, though, so she’s got the hots for Louise’s brother Adam, too.

9844 Pontus

Then it's Pontus' turn

9845 Pontus Lovisa
Him and Lovisa Mattsson has been in a steady relationship since they were teens, and have not been fooling around. Nice to see one good match at least!

9846 Sixten

Last out is Sixten - he looks a bit anxious to finally become a real playable

9847 Sixten Jenny

Finally, the last graduate for this year - now let's move on to year 94!

9848 Berit

In the 9-room dorm there are three girls as we saw before the GH. It’s Berit Carlsson and Lovisa Mattsson of the Mattsson clan and Helena Markövertag of the Montell clan. Those two families are flooding the ‘hood and especially Uni at the moment.

9849 Guests

The drama in the dorm is by the guests only – the inhabitants are very calm and nice. Here we see Jenny Mattsson and Pontus Sandval (of the Montells) fighting

9850 Cecilia and Steve

Next thing to happen is that the relationship that was started in the GH, between Cecilia Lind (of the Mattssons) and dormie Steve Vestlund evolves further.

9851 Zumba

Helena arranges a zumba class for the other girls in the dorm. In the front Oliver Sandvall (of the Montells) new-found girl Jenny Jernstedt.

9852 Helena pleasure

At the end of their sophomore year, Helena decides on a new aspiration – Pleasure, with a new LTW of becoming a Game designer (phew!)

9853 SCL

Then they celebrate their SCL grades and the start of their Junior year with buying and breaking in a new bar!

Helsinge Nation year 94

9854 BF


New year, new friendships. Cecilia Lind and Saga Rodiek find common grounds.

9855 Related

This year the house is even more related to the Mattssons. Emmy is Jenny’s cousin on her mother’s side. Olle and Ludvig are her cousins on her father’s side, and Cecilia is her second-cousin (which the game doesn’t recognize as relation)

9856 Cecilia plaque

Cecilia maxes her Arts&Crafts aspiration and earns a plaque. 1p!

9857 Vidar Emmy

Hey! New relationships forming – you both have your steady company on this very lot!


”Wow, that was really great!!”
Jenny and Olle didn’t notice. That might be good, we’ll see.

Now – graduation time!

9859 Ludvig

Ludvig Burlin, Fortune

9860 Ludvig Sixten

He takes his graduation picture with Sixten who graduated last year

9861 Jenny

Jenny Mattsson, Popularity, heiress to Mattsgården

9862 Jenny Sixten

She chooses Sixten too

9863 Saga

Saga Rodiek, Fortune, graduating SCL in Biology. 1p!

9864 Saga Vidar

She takes her graduation picture with Vidar, her brother, and not Sixten who she woohooed in the hottub

9865 Vidar

Vidar Rodiek, Jenny Mattsson's boyfriend, Fortune

9866 Vidar Emmy

He chooses his two-bolter Emmy for his picture

9867 four SCL

At the end of year 94 there are six sims left in the GH, and no one left in the dorms!

Emmy Benett, Pleasure, Philosophy Senior, SCL
Lovisa Mattsson, Fortune, Political science Junior, SCL
Cecilia Lind, Fortune, Drama Senior, SCL
Helena Markövertag, Pleasure, Philosophy Junior, SCL

9868 Two SCL

Olle Burlin, Fortune, Drama Senior, SCL
Berit Carlsson, Fortune, Psychology Junior, SCL

Year 95-96 coming up later in the rotation

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