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Mattsgården year 93-96 - Success Story

 Previously at Mattsgården, Georg claimed a secondary aspiration of Romance and found a new job in Crime. Agnes maxed her enthusiasm in Film&Literature and earned a plaque. Jenny was sneaking out with different friends every night, fell in love with Vidar Rodiek and later moved to Uni.
6299 Year 93 MAttsgården

Mattsgården year 93-94, 95-96 – Tuesday-Wednesday, Thursday-Friday

Georg Mattsson, 51, Knowledge/Romance, 2nd LTW Criminal Mastermind
Agnes Mattsson, 50, Romance/Fortune, 2nd LTW Woohoo 20 different sims

6300 Agnes full asp

We start off with Agnes filling her aspiration panel. 3p!

6301 Kissing

Since Georg became half Romancer, the relationship between Agnes and Georg has really heated up. They are happily married!

6302 Book6303 Success

Agnes finishes a book of Nursery Rhynes that she started years ago. It is a success as usual

6304 Songs for children

So - inspired by the success she starts a book of children's songs

6305 Literature

And with that she's back to max enthusiasm for Film&Literature

6306 Quits

She even goes so far as to quitting her job

6307 MAx music

Georg wishes for a plaque in Music&Dance and soon reaches it. 1p!

6308 Full asp

Which gives him aspiration point to fill his panel. 3p!

6309 No job

Agnes Fortune secondary makes itself known when she wishes for a job again even though she just quit. She cannot find one though

6310 No job

Not even the next morning

6311 Simon

Since Georg works night now when he’s a Smuggler, he invites his cousin Simon Bardh for a game of pool. Simon was left all alone in his house last round when his wife cheated on him with his father and the two were thrown out of the house. In addition, Simon’s mother Thea died and his daughter Cecilia moved to Uni.

6312 Kunch

The three of them have a nice lunch of pork chops, and Agnes tries hard to keep her hand to herself – her and Simon has a past as lovers...

Year 95-96

6313 Jenny Instructor

Jenny is back home and immediately finds a job in her LTW career of Military.

6314 Vidar foreman

Her boyfriend Vidar wishes for a lot of jobs including his LTW Athletics career. The first one to show up is one as a Foreman in the Architectural career though, so he accepts that one instead

6315 Woohoo

Then they celebrate in the hottub. According to Mattsmyra rules, birth control is discontinued until an heir is born, but we won’t initiate “try for baby” unless the sims want it.

6316 Georg criminal mastermind

Georg gets promoted to Criminal Mastermind which was his second LTW. 1p!
Now he wants to become a Game designer

6317 Jenny junior officer

Jenny gets promoted to Junior Officer

6318 Jenny intelligence

And Intelligence

6319 Vidar manager

Vidar comes home as a Construction Company Manager

6320 Mastermind

Georg, the Criminal Mastermind has been grocery shopping

6321 Georg elder

Then he grows up very well to elder

6322 Agnes elder

Agnes grows up very well too, and Vidar suddenly thinks she's three-bolts hot. Then the time is up for Mattsgården this round.

Mattsgården after round 25:
Georg Mattsson
Agnes Mattsson
Jenny Mattsson
Vidar Rodiek
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