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Myren year 93-96 - Glitches

 Previously at Myren, Rolf and Britta was dating as usual. Ulrika moved back home from university. She invited her fiancé Adam Wern to move in. Britta became a Professional Partyguest. Alva played with friends and grew up to a Popularity teen and got her first kiss from townie Glen. Lisa was born.
6323 Myren year 93

Myren year 93-96, Tuesday to Friday

Rolf Myhr, 66, Pleasure, LTW 50 dreamdates
Britta Myhr, 66, Pleasure, LTW 100 first dates (!)
Ulrika Myhr, 28, Knowledge/Popularity, LTW Space Pirate
Adam Wern, 31, Pleasure, LTW Game designer
Alva Myhr, 14, Popularity, LTW Mayor
Lisa Myhr, 0

6324 Adam Prof party

Adam works in the Slacker career and reaches the top and is promoted to Professional Party Guest. 1p! Time to try to find a job in his LTW career of Gaming

6325 Dating

Rolf has the annoying LTW to have 50 dreamdates. Sometimes we do an effort to get one or a few. Britta has the even more annoying LTW to have 100 first dates. We never tried to get close to that...

6326 Love wish

Rolf also has a very special habit of wishing to fall in love with someone else during his dates. It has happened several times before. The object nowadays seems to be Ingeborg Wern, the happily married paternal grandmother of  his own granddaughter

6327 Dreamdate

One dreamdate down, have no idea how many to go

6328 Sec family

At least it gives Rolf the satisfaction to select a secondary aspiration of Family.

6329 Adam gamer

Adam finds a job as a real time strategist in the gaming career. He looks like he needs glasses, squinting at the screen like that.

6330 MArcus

Convention of the naughty Knowledge sims. Marcus and Ulrika are equally infamous for wrecking relationships. They have a past themselves too, but it doesn’t show at the moment. Just the three bolts glowing for impending disaster...

6331 Birthday

Nothing happens this time, but when it’s time for Lisa’s birthday we have problems of a different kind. Glitches!

6332 Invisible

Lisa is invisible!

6333 No portrait

j68: ”There she is – but wait - where is the portrait?”

Game: CRASH!

And two days need to be replayed, which means that Adam never found his Gaming job but is still a Professional Partyguest.

6334 Alva

Alva is a playful Popularity sim who brings home new friends from school every day who she plays childish games with, when she’s not busy hating Adam. They are enemies for some reason j68 cannot remember

6335 Birthday

Then - birthday. Take 1. 

6336 Take 2

Take 2

6337 Take 3

Take 3

6338 Take 4

Adam: "WTF?!" Take 4.

6339 Take 5

Take 5

6340 Finally

The next morning - Finally!!

6341 No job

Adam: ”F**K!” I thought I had that job set already!”

6342 Talking

Lisa: "Pappa!"
Adam: "Good girl!"

6343 Walking

Ulrika: ”Good girl!”

The glitches seem to have settled with the strange birthday. Let’s hope for the best for next round!

Myren after round 25:
Rolf Myhr
Britta Myhr
Adam Wern
Ulrika Myhr
Alva Myhr
Lisa Myhr

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