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Letsbo year 93-96 - Eight Puppies

Previously at Letsbo, we had problems with dogs able to try for puppies but never giving birth. Alf and Ingela grew up to children. Georg got back into the Law enforcement career but his wish to get a Law Enforcement job was not fulfilled, but got a second TOC. Allegra restarted a Science career. Delta the puppy grew up and impregnated but never gave birth. Alf skipped school, Ingela had good grades, and Georg died in platinum at age 78.

6391 Letsbo year 93

Letsbo year 93-96, Saturday to Tuesday

Allegra Lind, 80, Knowledge/Grilled Cheese, LTW City Planner
David Lind, 43, Popularity, LTW General
Gerd Lind, 42, Family, LTW Raise 20 puppies or kittens
Alf Lind, 9
Ingela Lind, 9
Curre and Delta, dogs

6392 Guitar

Gerd has few interests beyond her dogs, but is a decent guitar player. At least her son Alf thinks so.
As the readers might remember, this house doesn’t seem able to deliver breeded puppies, so we’re starting a new strategy – adopting puppies!

6393 Epsilon
6394 Epsilon
6395 Fi
6396 Fi

Epsilon and Fi are delivered, then off to work!

6397 Fi
6398 Epsilon

That was fast! Already the same day the new puppies grow up

6399 Detective

Gerd is promoted to Detective and has been grocery shopping. Puppy food most probably

6400 Give away

All the adult dogs are given up for adoption, and a new lot is adopted

6401 Gamma
6402 Hera
6403 Ipsilon
6404 Jippi

One male and three females. Maybe we'll try another breeding experiment later on.

6405 Masterpiece

In the meantime, David paints and sells a master piece. He’s very happy. This house is out of sync, so it's time for Family Sunday.

6406 Lind tree

Letsbo is an original house and belongs to the small Lind family. David was born here, like his sister Annika and like his father Georg, the first born-in-game sim of Mattsmyra. Annika lives with the notorious Cristopher Bardh and has a daughter, Cecilia, who is currently in Uni.

6407 Berg tree

Gerd is the eldest daughter of Ingeborg (Berg) and Jerry Wern. Her sister Louise is married to a woman and childless. Her brothers have small children who are left at home

6408 Family

It's a small family indeed.

6409 Enemies

Nevertheless, sisters-in-law Annika and Ulrika become enemies. They are married/living together with Gerd's brothers Aron and Adam.

6410 Jogging

David takes his children jogging

6411 Allegra dies

While his mother Allegra meets another uninvited guest by the poolside.

6412 Insurance

On the 22nd of April ’94, Allegra leaves the Simiverse, the oldest sim j68 ever had – 82 years! She leaves in platinum off course, being a fulfilled Knowledge sim. 1p!

6413 Pop

The family now consists of four sims and four puppies. David sometimes remembers that he is a Popularity sim and uses the option he has to do a group call. That way he can keep up with more friends at a time

6414 Butler

Then Gerd has a wish to hire a butler, and why not? Let's see how efficient such a servant is.

6415 Kerma

Then time for the next pupp It’s silly really to name a brown puppy Kerma (which means cream in Finnish), but that was the name that came up in the mind of j68 for this K-puppy

6416 Dogyard

Gerd even has the time to spend some time with all her puppies. They live in a fenced yard with gates locked for animals, to know where we have them.

6417 Butler

The next morning the butler Oskar Strandh arrives and starts his work with the clogged toilet. 

6418 Feeds dogs

When he in the afternoon feeds not only the children and their friends, but the dogs, too, we are very happy with him!

6419 David astronaut

The adults come home and David is promoted to Astronaut.

6420 Lambda

To give the children an aspiration boost before their birthday and to at some point fulfill Gerd’s LTW, another puppy is adopted

6421 Birthday

It works perfectly and both Alf and Ingela are in platinum mood when it’s time to blow out the candles.

6422 Ingela knowledge6423 Alf romance
6424 PReferences

Alf and Ingela has the exact same gender preference, which makes Alf straight and Ingela gay. As aspirations, Ingela chooses Knowledge with an LTW to become a Worldclass Ballet Dancer, and Alf chooses Romance with an  LTW of becoming a Hall of Famer. That's a decent LTW and he will not have to stray too much. He's supposed to continue this original house!

6425 Bonus

Around the same time, David has the opportunity to explore new ground and turns his eyes to the oceans. His project is a success and he gets a 50.000§ bonus!

6426 Alf date

Alf is a Romancer and wants a date. He calls the gypsy.

6427 Adult Nilla

He gets an adult woman and the date is polite but not more.

6428 Headmaster

Ingela is more interested in private school than dating, so she invites the headmaster

6429 Dinner

A good tour and porkchops for dinner is a winning concept

6430 Success

The success is a fact and with that we leave Letsbo for this round

Letsbo after round 25:
David Lind
Gerd Lind
Alf Lind
Ingela Lind
Puppies Gamma, Hera, Ipsilon, Jippi, Kerma, Lambda

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