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Lottefors year 93-96 - Another Boy

Previously at Lottefors, Elisabet and Marcus had their first child, a boy they named Axel. Marcus baby sister Sara dated and moved to Uni. Simon earned a plaque in Arts&Crafts. Jiingi decided Elisabet is her new master. Then we had a terrible Family Sunday with a lot of fighting and adultery. Axel grew up to toddler and Carita became a CEO and Elisabet got pregnant again.

6431 Lottefors year 93

Lottefors year 93-96, Tuesday to Friday

Simon Montell, 73, Knowledge/Family, LTW Media Magnate
Carita Montell, 72, Family, Marry off 6 children
Marcus Montell, 34, Knowledge, Head of SCIA
Elisabet Montell, 34, Family/Knowledge, 6 grandchildren
Axel Montell, 3
Jiingii, the cross-breed

6432 Carita sec GC6433 Marcus sec pleasure

Secondary aspirations for mother and son – Grilled Cheese and Pleasure

6434 Physiology

Marcus is first and foremost a Knowledge sim, though, so he studies Physiology just because he can. The house is terribly crammed with stuff

6435 Axel walks

Farfar Simon, who is a Knowledge/Family sim teaches Axel to walk while waiting for his next grand-child

6436 Elite agent

Marcus gets promoted to Elite Agent

6437 Cleaning

And we’re still waiting for the baby at 3.30 Wednesday morning

6438 Babytime

Finally around 11 am it's time

6439 Charlie

It’s another boy, born on the 10th of June ’94. He gets Popular name no 21 – Charlie – another one!! He’s got blue eyes like Mamma and brown hair like Pappa.

6440 Axel birthday
6441 Axel

Axel's birthday!

6442 Axel child

He looks a lot like his father Marcus, just with lighter skin

6443 Games

And during his good party he realizes that his true hobby is Games

6444 TOC

Carita, who never focused on her career reaches the top of the Business career. 1p!

6445 Homework

Simon helps Axel with his homework, on the lawn. The house is really too small. Anyway the weather is nice

6446 Charlie birthday

Then it's Charlie's birthday

6447 Carita happy

Carita is very happy to see her grand-son grow up.

6448 Charlie Taurus

Charlie Montell is an extremely outgoing and playful Taurus

6449 Flamenco

And here comes the parents. Elisabet was promoted to Flamenco Dancer

6450 Full asp

And Farmor Carita fills her aspiration panel. 3p!

6451 Peek

Peekaboo is the cutest game in the sims. Even more cute is that Axel started playing with his little brother autonomously

6452 -a-
6453 boo

6454 Play

And they continue to play side by side. These brothers will be close as they grow up!

6455 SCIA

Marcus reaches the TOC for SCIA at age 37, which also was his LTW. 2p! Now he wants to be a Game designer

6456 No job

But there are no openings and now it’s time to go. We’ll see what happens next time in the renovated and improved house of Lottefors.

Lottefors after round 25:
Simon Montell
Carita Montell
Marcus Montell
Elisabet Montell
Axel Montell
Charlie Montell
Jiingi, the ancient cross-breed

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