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Korskrogen, Thursday - Sunday (year 18-21)


After his encounter with the ghost of his father, (or was it mother?), Maximilian is really really hungry, and the fridge is empty. Grocery orders take so long to arrive, especially when you’re waiting as eagerly as Maximilian.

At last he’s here, but as usual the transfer of goods is a confusing business. How hard can it be to go to the door and accept the basket? It takes hours of running up and down the stairs and all family members try to take the basket. Many times it ends with the delivery man leaving the basket on the ground.

At Korskrogen, all teens have now had their first kisses. Livia took hers from Ricky Cormier. He had a crush on her, but she didn’t for him. But to kiss him worked fine anyway. And afterwards she actually had a crush.

Maximilian sets the stove on fire, and apparently the family didn’t invest in a fire alarm. All ends well, though, and now they do have a fire alarm.

Daniel wanted to go steady with Sofie, and invited her to the mini-mall to ask her. She accepted, but instead of kissing him up, she’s leaving. And Daniel really needs to do something fun.

He goes to the barber to have a make-over. 

Hmmm… Not exactly what we had in mind.

Another try…

What is it with this guy?! “I’ll take my business elsewhere”, Daniel says

Maximilian gets promoted to drive-through clerk, and is now reading an amazing book. “What did they write here??”

Maximilian gets fired for trying to teach Mimi Landgraab and her pack a lesson. Nothing is like a job chance card.

Maximilian grows up to a platinum adult, despite the job failure. He’s moving out and will continue his own life at his own place after round 6.

Daniel grows up well to be an adult. He will stay here with Livia, and continue the blood line of the Johansson family.

Korskrogen after round 5:
Daniel Johansson
Livia Johansson

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