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Färila year 93-96 - Fluctuating Businesses

Previously at Färila, Gustav adopted Gerd Lind's stuck-in-pregnancy dog Beta in hopes of getting puppies, but no such luck. Then he wished for a baby, but LEna laughed at him. He still got his wish from Risky Woohoo, when Birgit was born. Maja died. Lena accepted a job in Music. Leif had to let Andrea go from Amelia's and bought 1-2-3 Gym. Gustav started working as a State Assembly Person. For family Sunday all the pets were invited for Gustav to play with.

6457 Hartwig year 93

Färila year 93-96 – Tuesday to Friday

Leif Hartwig, 68, Popularity/Pleasure, LTW 5 successful businesses
Gustav Hartwig, 29, Popularity, LTW 20 pet best friends
Lena Hartwig, 29, Romance, LTW Rock God
Birgit Hartwig, ½
Beta, the dog

6458 Lief full asp

We start the round with Leif filling his aspiration panel. 3p!

6459 Gustav sec knowledge6460 Lena sec GC

Gustav has a high aspiration too and chooses a secondary Knowledge Lena is right behind him and chooses a secondary aspiration of Grilled Cheese

6461 Elisabet

Leif reluctantly goes back to Amelia’s where the business level is fluctuating badly and is very very hard to get up. He hardly convinces his own daughter to shop at his establishment 

6462 Up

Up to level 6 again

6463 Date

Leif gets an offer for a blind date and accepts

6464 Level 5

It’ a teenage girl, but ends up ok anywa

6465 Level 5

And we're down to level 5

6466 Level 6

And up

6467 Level 5

And down, and up

6468 Dog BF

Back home, Gustav finally is best friends with his own dog. Just 19 pet BFs to go... 

6469 Date

The three-bolt spouses Gustav and Lena takes some time for a homedate 

6470 Date Anita

Leif likes dates too, and invites the hottest single woman he knows – Anita Jernelid 

6471 Birgit

Birgit is a Romancer but is very good mother anyway. She takes good care of Birgit 

6472 Mayor

Gustav comes home promoted to Mayor at age 30. It must be a record. 1p, since it is not his LTW. His wife doing domestic work is very hot! 

6473 Birgit birthday

Then it's Birgit's birthday. Her Moster Monica is here

6474 Birgit toddler

Birgit grows up into the classical haircut for girls. She’s an extremely outgoing, very neat and active Aries.

6475 New look

J68 is bored with every girl looking the same and changes Birgit’s look. 

6476 Marcus

Leif is back to his gym and greets his son-in-law Marcus Montell who goes to the gym directly from his job as Head of SCIA 

6477 Bar

The gym has an outdoor bar where Hedvig Montell serves juices and other heaalth drinks. Hedvig is married to Leif’s nephew Christoffer and lives at Hamre which is our next stop. 

6478 Hartwig tree

Leif’s sister Lotta died young in a toy train accident. His wife Maja had two children before they got married, why Gustav and Elisabet has two half-siblings, whereof one adopted (Max)  

6479 Hedvig

Hedvig is a difficult sim. When she starts to feel bad and Leif asks her to take a break, she goes inside the gym and hits the treadmill. It’s really not helping her mood, so she’s sent home not to quit 

6480 Ludvig

Leif has a service of being a Personal Trainer too, and he coaches Ludvig Burlin on the treadmill after Hedvig has left 

6481 Level 3

Afterwards they relax in the hottub and the gym reaches level 3 

6482 Level 4

And 4. It’s so much easier with the gym than with Amelia’s, wonder why? 

6483 Walking

At home, Romancer Lena is stuck on toddler duty, but she doesn't seem to mind.

6484 Bonus

Gustav is lucky with his decisions and receives a bonus of 50.000§!

6485 Music teacher

Lena succeeds in her job too and gets promoted to Music Teacher at Summer camp.

6486 Fire

Mr Mayor sets the stove on fire 

6487 Pop

And apparently he set Lena on fire at some point. We have a surprise pregnancy!

6488 Level 7

Leif continues to work hard at Amelia’s and the store reaches level 7 

6489 Level 67

The yoyo levels are continuing

6490 Malin Persson

And Leif decides to hire Malin Persson to help him and his other employee out. He has been employed by Leif since forever and they are BFFs, but j68 can never remember his name, poor sim

6491 Level 5
6492 Level 6

At the gym the levels are more stable and we reach level 5 and 6 within a narrow timeframe 

6493 Lena tree

At the end of the play session, Fraps was not running and we missed pictures of Gustav teaching his sister Elisabet’s dog Jiingi to play dead, Amelia’s reaching level 8 and Birgit's good birthday party, where the hopeless Knowledge sims Marcus Montell and Ulrika Myhr fell in love again, as predicted earlier this round.

And we see from Lena’s family tree that Birgit is now a chil

Färila after round 25:
Leif Hartwig
Gustav Hartwig
Lena Hartwig
Birgit Hartwig
Beta, the dog

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