jungfrun68 (jungfrun68) wrote,

Korskrogen - The Johansson family

 This is a tricky family, with no adults or elders. I created it with parents as placeholders. Their headstones are still on the lot. I get so worried over this family's future

The family consists of

Inger Johansson - big sister
Inger is a Leo, with knowledge aspiration and  a wish to be a Criminal Mastermind. 

Daniel and Maximilian Johansson - twin brothers
Daniel is a Leo and Maximilian a Virgo. Bigger difference in personality is hard to imagine

Livia Johansson - little sister
She's so pretty this girl, and with her sign being Sagittarius, she'll be up to a lot of fun when she's getting older.

Tags: korskrogen
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