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Hamre year 93-96 - Splitting House

Previously at Hamre, Lotta the pregnant ghost, was cleaning the house. Christoffer moved back home and married his college sweetheart Hedvig Huffelberg. A random townie died at the lot, probably from a trainset fire. Sebastian grew up to elder, and Christoffer and Rut seized to be enemies.

6494 Year 93 Hamre

Hamre year 93-96, Tuesday to Friday
Sebastian Montell, 54, Romance, LTW Hall of Famer
Rut Mattsson, 33, Fortune, LTW City Planner
Christoffer Montell, 26, Romance, LTW Hall of Famer
Hedvig Montell, , Romance, LTW Celebrity Chef
Macke, the collie

6495 Sebastian max charisma

Sebastian takes the opportunity to max his charisma skill before him and Rut are moving out of the house.

6496 Moving out

They do it for two reasons – First, the relation between Christoffer and Rut is bad and declining by the minute and the SimGodess doesn’t have the strength to keep them apart.
Secondly, it seems unrealistic that they continue to live in the same house when they hate each other, and
Thirdly, it’s common in Sweden that one of the kids buys his parents out of the house and they move to an apartment for their golden years (even if Rut is almost as young as Christoffer)

6497 Bye

Bye, svärfar!

6498 No job

Hedvig tries to find a job in the Culinary career, but has no luck

6499 Pregnant
6500 Pregnant

Soon she’s got other things to think about – another generation 4 in the making. And new pregnancy hair!

6501 Romance

The father-to-be is behaving like the romance sim he is. But this time I really think he was innocent – Vera, the jealous Romancer started  it. On the other hand, it was Christoffer himself who invited his three-bolter to the house...

6502 Waitress

Now when she’s pregnant, Hedvig finds a job in the Culinary career as a waitress.

6503 Babytime

And soon she can start working, as soon as she delivers the baby – YES!

6504 Claes
6505 Stig

With one hour to her carpool, Hedvig gives birth to ANOTHER set of twin BOYS! Of five babies born this round, five are boys. Strange things happen in Mattsmyra, indeed!
Oh, the boys – they are born on th 11th of July ’95 and gets common names 64 and 37 – Claes with green eyes and Stig with brown. Sadly the blond recessive from Christoffer didn’t show itself, but luckily the green eyes did J

6506 Prep cook

On her first day at work Hedvig gets promoted to Prep Cook and is well underway to her goal

6507 Gardening

Hedvig’s OTH is Nature, so Christoffer’s mother Lotta’s old garden is resurrected. Macke, the ignored dog, tries to get some attention

6508 Picking

Hedvig spends a lot of time in the garden. She’s not good at it yet, but she likes it!

6509 Asst coach

Christoffer is still here, and he gets promoted to Assistant Coach!

6510 Claes birthday

Just in time for his sons' birthdays

6511 Hedvig

Instead of a close-up of Claes you get one of Hedvig – it’s really hard to capture the toddler cinematics even with Fraps

6512 Peekaboo

Farfar Sebastian immediately starts to bond with Cleas, who turns out to be an extremely outgoing and playful Taurus, so peekaboo seems to be the perfect game for him

6513 Stig

Then it’s baby brother Stig’s turn. Stig means “path” like in the woods, so it’s too bad Claes wasn’t named Sten (stone) or Björn (bear) which are pretty common boys’ names too

6514 Stig toddler

However, Stig turns out to be an extremely outgoing Gemini and has wonderfully slanted eyes. He will look a bit different from the other Mattsson decendants with the same colouring.

6515 Family tree

The Mattsson decent comes from Christoffer’s mother Lotta and mother’s mother Ida who was a CAS teen a long, long time ago. On his father’s and father’s mother Inger’s side, Christoffer is also a Montell decendant and he even has the name (even though Inger was named Johansson when she was a CAS teen)

Hamre after round 24:
Christoffer Montell
Hedvig Montell
Claes Montell
Stig Montell

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