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Roteberg, Thursday - Sunday (year 18-21)

Hugo Berg met Denise Jacquet quite a while ago and they are best friends. But just now something more happened. Love never gets old and Hugo watches Denise with new eyes.

On October 9th year 18, Hugo dies at age 72. He’s in platinum mood thanks to his romantic encounter with Denise. 1 p for j68. Unfortunately it sends his granddaughters Susanne and Maria into aspiration failure. Susanne is just a toddler and is likely to recover before her birthday, but Maria being teen on the verge to adulthood might have a harder time.

Kim has a hard time too, with her pregnancies. We’re sorry to inform you that she lost another baby, possibly due to the flu epidemic which affects her and husband Magnus at the moment.

Just an ordinary sim moment. Susanne chews her building blocks and Kim is cleaning up the mess after a flooded toilet bowl.

Susanne is growing up fast and well, into a cute rodeo outfit, that I have never seen before.

Magnus sure works hard for the money. He gets promoted to projectionist, but almost faints when he exits the car. As usual.

Look at that! It seems Kim is pregnant again, a small hump showing. Take care of yourself now, so we can have our male heir here.

The Berg sisters are spending some quality time together. They both recovered from their grandfather’s death, and Maria is now anticipating her birthday coming evening, and the subsequent movement to her own place.

Maria grows up well to be an adult. She’s Mattsmyra’s new swim suit model, it seems. I thought she was a family sim…

And with Maria moving out, round 5 at Roteberg has come to an end. See you next time, and find out if Kim will go through with her fourth pregnancy.

Roteberg after round 5:
Magnus Berg
Kim Berg
Susanne Berg 

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