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Österås year 93-96 - Parties

Previously at Österås, Jörgen started school and played chess with friends and family. Vera seduced her gay friend Oscar and her brother-in-law Thomas. Elin filled her aspiration panel and Ralf set the kitchen on fire. The ghosts were active and hot. Elin found herself pregnant and reached her second LTW of becoming Hand of Poseidon.

6540 Österås year 93

Österås year 93-96, Tuesday to Friday
Ralf Lilja, 50, Knowledge
Vera Johansson, 50, Romance
Elin Tång, 35, Knowledge/Grilled Cheese
Jörgen Johansson, 10

6541 Vera sec GC

We start the round with Vera, choosing a secondary aspiration of Grilled Cheese.

6542 Scientist

Then Ralf comes home promoted to Top Secret Scientist. He brings groceries, as he still does every day. They are starting to pile up again.

6543 Engagement
6544 Yes
6545 Yes

Then he asks his beloved and very pregnant Elin to marry him. He says yes of course.

6546 Elin tree

Elin is the daughter of Elmer Tång and PT11. By her alien father she’s got sister Vera Johansson (Maximilian’s daughter) and by her earthly father she’s got sister Engla Ramirez (Tessa’s daughter)

6547 Out of love

During the wedding, Agnes Mattsson falls out of love with someone. Whoever it was, it’s probably a good thing.

6548 Wedding

Time for the ceremony!

6549 Wedding
6550 Married
6551 25 June

On the 25th of June ’93, Elin Tång becomes Mrs Ralf Lilja. Her wedding dress really conceals her pregnancy belly

6552 Party

Then the party starts for real with crazy dancing

6553 Suit

Jörgen looks cute in his little suit, but as many boys his age he’s mostly interested in the computer.

6554 Cake

But the cake shoveling draws him outside again

6555 Outside

The cake is eaten at the table that has been placed in the garden, while darkness settles over the neighbourhood.

6556 Great

It' a great party!

6557 Max logic

Jörgen is allowed to stay up late and maxes his Logic skill

6558 New dress

When the newlyweds arrive home from the honeymoon, Elin has shifted into the maternity formal dress

6559 Babytime

And then it’s time for the baby.

6560 Siv

On the 7th of June ’94, two babies are born – normal looking Siv (Common name no 40)

6561 Albin

and alien looking Albin (Popular name no 24). Both babies have black hair like their mother and green eyes like their father.

6562 Birgit

Their cousin Jörgen brings Birgit Hartwig with him home from school. He’s about to grow up to teen tonight

6563 Jörgen tree

Jörgen is Vera Johansson’s son by Cristopher Bardh. He’s got two halfbrothers, Simon and Noel Bardh, who are already elders (at least Noel. His twin Simon will become an elder when we get to his house later this round)

6564 Birthday

Then it's cake time

6565 Naughty

While his youngest son is getting ready to make a wish, Cristopher is a naughty old man and woohoos someone in the hottub. It’s not his live-in girlfriend Annika anyway, since she’s the one passing by without caring

6566 College girl

It’s acollege girl, who is also Noel’s lover – Kattis Andersen

6567 Cake

All this when Jörgen still prepares for the candle blowing

6568 Knowledge

He rolls Knowledge which seems very suitable considering his home environment.

6569 Stargazing

He immediately rolls the wish to get the extraterrestrial grant and starts stargazing. He is not knowledgeable yet to call for aliens

6570 Party

At least he has a great party!

6571 Ghost
6572 Happy

Despite the fact that he doesn’t get to meet any aliens, Jörgen’s birthday really turns out perfect when he sees the ghost of his grandfather Maximilian’s lover Nero.

6573 No SCIA

Elin works as Hand of Poseidon, but would like to become Head of SCIA. Unfortunately there are no such jobs available.

6574 Straight

By morning, Jörgen has decided that his LTW is to become Education Minister and that he’s probably straight.

6575 Baby birthday

Then it’s time for the babies’ birthday.

6576 Glitch

But the birthday glitches out and Albin is put to the floor where he falls asleep

6577 Again

New cake, new try

6578 Siv

It still doesn’t work, so Ralf tries with Siv instead.


It works!

6579 Albin

New try with Albin...

6580 Albin toddler

And that works too!

6581 Logic

As soon as he's put on the floor, Albin heads for the block box.

6582 Siv

Siv is heading for the block toy too. They are really alien decendants!

6583 No job

Their mother is a real Knowledge sim and wants to teach them everything. Especially now when she cannot find her desired job in Intelligence.

6584 Ralf elder

Ralf met Elin late  in life and he’s already turning elder!

6585 Vera elder

Vera is the same age and turns elder, too. Into an outfit that is really not flattering – it has to be remedied asap!

6586 Hot

But at the moment it’s too hot to have the energy to do anything at all. Jörgen is overheated

6587 Elin hot

And Elin too, but she heads for the shower

6588 Flush

She really shouldn’t have done that. Now she fainted and ralf has to flush her
And by that we end this extensive update from Österås

Österås after round 24:
Vera Johansson
Jörgen Johansson
Ralf Lilja
Elin (Tång) Lilja
Albin Lilja
Siv Lilja

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