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Tallåsen year 93-96 - Multilevel Success

Previously at Tallåsen, Martin became an elder and Melissa moved back home. Måns moved in and Melissa and Måns got married. IKEA reached level 10 and was sold. Martin and Sofie reached the Fortune IW and Martin bought the local Minimall. Gumman, the poodle died. Irratic, the kitten was adopted.

6589 Tallåsen year 93

Tallåsen year 93-96 – Tuesday to Friday
Sofie Montell, 60, Fortune/Family
Martin Montell, 58, Fortune
Melissa Ljunggren, , Popularity
Måns Ljunggren, , Popularity
Random, the cat
Irratic, the kitten

6590 Martin sec GC

Martin has reached the point when he can choose a secondary aspiration of grilled cheese

6591 Level 4 minimall

He works tirelessly against his goal of getting 5 succesful businesses, and his minimall reaches level 4. It looks like it has an open roof!

6592 Protector

In the meantime, Sofie works in her Oceanography career and becomes Protector of Whales

6593 Random Måns

Last round, the fortune minded Martin and Sofie wished for a kitten, and they got one named Random, which was promptly ignored. This round we have Popularity sim Måns in the house, and he even gives the now adult Random some attention.

6594 Irratic

The other kitten that the Fortune sims asked for has been equally ignored and is socially depraved when she grows up.

6595 Feeding

At least now she’s big enough to jump up on the counter to feed herself.

6596 Bad review

Back at the minimall, Martin gets a bad review, even though he’s got ceilings now!

6597 Level 5

And reaches level 5, even though Sixten doesn't look particularly loyal.

6598 MArtin tree

Martin is part of the Montell clan. All the Montell siblings are now grey and have adult or young adult children and in some cases grand-children. Martin and Sofie don’t have that yet though.

6599 Sofie tree

Sofie is part of the Berg clan, which is dwindling, since all children born in that tree are girls. Sofie and her sisters were born as Ceders, but that family name is gone by now.

6600 Måns Oscar

Måns gets promoted to MVP and brings home Oscar, Melissa’s cousin from work. She's cousins with half the town

6601 Dinner

When sofie and Martin have a dinner on grilled cheese, we find that
1 They neglect their friends
2 They don’t have ceilings in their home either.

6602 Tryforbaby

Soon, the no grandchildren situation might sort itself out.

6603 Fire

The next day, Martin finds that setting fire on the barbecue is bad for business

6604 Sofie works out

Sofie has the day off and makes some yoga moves on the lawn of their house

6605 37000

Melissa succeeds in her Law career and earns 37.000§ on her latest case

6606 Sec Fortune

That gives her aspiration enough to claim a secondary aspiration of Fortune, which seems very fitting.

6607 Sofie max

At the same time, Sofie earns a body point and enough aspiration to fill her aspiration panel. 3p!

6608 The Law

Already the next day Melissa is promoted all the way to the top and becomes The Law, which was her LTW. 2p!
She now wants to become a Hall of Famer.

6609 PArty

The success lately is celebrated with a party

6610 Baby

And we find that we’re expecting. During her pregnancy, Melissa doesn’t want to use chemicals for her hair, so she settles with her original brown hair.

6611 Asst

Despite her pregnancy, Melissa reads the Wanted ads, and finds an Athletics job as an Assistant Coach. And look – ceilings!

6612 Level 6

Martin goes to his minimall again and it reaches level 6

6613 Bestofthe Best

And he receives the Best-of-the-best award. Things are really picking up!

6614 Promotion

And we finish off this round with yet another promotion for Måns. Next time – probably a baby, and more success!

Tallåsen after round 24:
Martin Montell
Sofie Montell
Melissa Ljunggren
Måns Ljunggren
Random and Irratic, cats
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