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Ovanåker year 93-96 - Full House

Previously at Ovanåker, we had homework and birthdays, potty training and discovered true hobbies. The family members laughed at each others failures and became good friends. Ludvig moved to Uni, as did Olle. The cat found herself at home all alone for the first time ever. Kevin and Elisabeth grew up well to elders and the headmaster visit bugged out.

6615 Year 93 Ovanåker

Ovanåker year 93-96, Tuesday to Friday
Elisabeth Burlin, 54, Family
Kevin Burlin, 54, Popularity
Jesper Burlin, 17, Pleasure
Natalie Burlin, 16, Fortune
Charlie Burlin, 12
Jacob Burlin, 12
Linnea Burlin, 10
Theodor Burlin, 6
Roland Burlin, 6
Sara, the cat

6616 Kevin sec Romance

Like in so many other houses, at least one inhabitant has reached the level to choose a secondary aspiration. Kevin Burlin chooses Romance.

6617 BFs

In a house with so many siblings, it's hard to be friends with all - at least it takes time. Jesper and Natalie are close in age and find each other now

6618 City council

Kevin becomes a City Council Member and bring home a friend we think is named Susanne

6619 Headmaster

Last time the headmaster visit glitched out, so we’re trying again, even though we’re suspecting, due to the loading picture, that there is something wrong with this house.

6620 Headmaster in tub

In the background we see the headmaster entering the hottub, without letting anyone show him around. Theodor finds his OTH of Music&Dance while dancing with his mother.

6621 Burnt pork

Elisabeth burns the pork chops, but it doesn’t seem like it will make any difference

6622 Jacob birthday
6623 Charlie birthday

While the headmaster is still stuck in the tub, it’s Jacob’s and Charlie’s birthdays

6624 JAcob Pop
6625 Charlie Pop

They are really twins, both rolling Popularity and with an LTW to become Media Magnate. At least they are not turned on by the same hair colour

6626 No school

When the headmaster scenario ends, we still have zero points. If we’ll try it again we better hide away the hot tub

6627 Sara old

For being a house with so many inhabitants, it’s oddly eventless. Sara, the cat grows old while everybody is in school

6628 Jesper first kiss

Jesper brings home a girl from school and they autonomously throw themselves at each other. Her name is Gry Nyman and came with the AP expansion, but she grew up since then,

6629 Nyman

Her brothers were apparently invited too

6630 Sate Assembly

Kevin brings home new friends all the time too, but has a tendency to forget the old. Today he was promoted to State Assembly  Person

6631 Hug

It’s still cute to see the youngest child coming out to great the parents when they arrive home. Roland is the youngest of the Burlin brood.

6632 Stare game

Roland: ”Get down, I’m walking here!”
Linnea: “No, YOU get down, I’M walking here!”
This was too funny, they were hanging there for hours. In the end it got boring to watch them, so it’s not clear who caved in first

6633 Jesper grants

Jesper collects his two scolarships for charisma and dance and is off to Uni

6634 LEaving

His father hugs him hard before he leaves

6635 Teaching

Even with Jesper gone, there are enough kids in the house, and still some of them didn't learn to study properly. Tonight it’s Jacob’s turn to learn.

6636 Roland study

And Roland’s when we’re at it.

6637 Teens

The house is always full of teens, and Kevin likes to talk to them. They are all amazed by his latest story

6638 Linnea birthday

Yet another birthday – Linnea is becoming teen

6639 Linnea teen
6640 Family

She rolls family and wants a partner that is fat and neat, as long as they don’t have brown hair. Her LTW is to have 6 grandchildren

6641 Forth wall

Natalie breaks the fourth wall just before she applies for her scolarships.
SimGodess: "Hi there, aren't you a beauty?!"
Natalie: "I really didn't think about that - I need to get some money to have success in this world"

6642 Grants

She's got good grades, high Creativity and a talent for dance, so she gets three scolarships

6643 Leaving

Then she leaves with her mother’s blessing

6644 Coming

And the next thing we know, Olle comes back from uni with his wife-to-be Emmy Benett, and the house is more than full again. Olle has graduated SCL in Drama and Emmy MCL in Philosophy. 1p!

6645 No job

Olle’s LTW is to become a World class Ballet Dancer, but no dancing jobs are available. He could accept an Athletics job too, but none are available there either.

6646 Noogie

Brotherly love in a house full of mean sims...

6647 Dance

Olle practices his dancing moves to the great interest from the cat, Sara and his youngest brother Roland

6648 Study

And finally, the last kid of Elisabeth’s eleven, Theodor, learns to study. The house is FULL, always people everywhere

6649 Engagement

And it’s time for a wedding again. Olle asks Emmy to marry him and she accepts

6650 Bookstore

And as a wedding gift to them both, Olle decides to buy the local bookstore

6651 Scandal

During the party a scandal evolves when Emmy’s mother Lena falls in love with her grandfather Ricky. Max, the poor tormented soul doesn’t even say anything against it.

6652 Ceremony

When darkness falls, it’s time for the ceremony

6653 Emmy
6654 Olle
6655 Kiss
6656 MrMrs

And we have a second Mrs Burlin in the hood

6657 Party

It’s a relaxed and very nice atmosphere at the party, and all the brothers get to meet with Emmy’s relatives.

6658 Happy

And the newlyweds are very happy indeed

Ovanåker after round 24:
Elisabeth Burlin
Kevin Burlin
Olle Burlin
Emmy (Benett) Burlin
Charlie Burlin
Jacob Burlin
Linnea Burlin
Roland Burlin
Theodor Burlin
Sara, the cat
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