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Öljung year 93-96 - Double Messages

Previously at Öljung, Simon found himself all alone in the house after an eventful week where his mother died, his live-in girlfriend started a relationship with his father and moved out, and his daughter moved to Uni. He started a relationship with townie Maud Torell.

6659 Year 93 Öljung

Öljung year 93-95, 96, Tuesday to Friday
Simon Bardh, 50, Knowledge/Popularity

6660 Garden

Since Annika moved out to live with Simon’s father instead of him, the garden has been neglected. On his day off Simon makes an effort to straighten it out. He even gets the notion that he should become a member in the Garden Club

6661 Workout

While waiting for the inspection he works out a bit.

6662 Inspection
6663 Member

They are a bit ambiguous in their assessment of the garden – ”It’s pathetic” ”It’s well-kept” ”It’s bad” ”It’s good”. At least he gets his membership.

6664 Maud

Even his lover Maud gives double messages. “It was the best date ever!” “I hated it, why don’t you care about my feelings?”

6665 Dies
6666 Grim

Then a random workmate dies in Simon’s garage. Probably it was Thea scaring him to death. The stone is promptly sent to the graveyard

6667 Cecilia

Cecilia has graduated University with a drama major

6668 No Athletic

Her Drama major is supposed to help her in her wished Athletics career, but first she needs to find a job.

6669 Silver

Simon works his garden day and night and reaches his silver badge

6670 Simon old

Then he goes inside and grows up very well to elder.

6671 Dinner

Cecilia and Simon celebrates with a quiet dinner for two

6672 No job

And she still cannot find a job by the time it's time to leave

Öljung after round 25:
Simon Bardh
Cecilia Lind
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