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Apartment 2 year 93-96 - Friends and Study

Previously, Kerstin lived at Storfallet with her boyfriend Konrad Platz and their friend Britta Logren, the business woman. Konrad was straying and had other relations on the side. Britta had a fire accident at her spa and tragically died in the flames. Konrad died a natural death and Kerstin decided to leave the house behind and moved in to Apartment 2, where she now lives alone

6673 Year 93 Kertin

Apartment 2 year 93-96, Monday to Thursday
Kerstin Tidholm, 60ish, Knowledge/Grilled Cheese, LTW World Class Ballet dancer

6674 Study

Kerstin Tidholm, who is now a single Knowledge/GC sim has two interests in life – studying…

6675 Phone

… and making friends. She needs a LOT to get further in her Dancing career.

6676 Study
6677 Study
6678 Ludvig
6679 Study
6680 Phone
6681 Christopher
6682 Study

At least she wears different things at different times, and has different hairdos J
It was a really quick session of four simdays

And after this round this household will cease to exist because of events not yet revealed. Stay tuned...

Apartment 2 after round 25:

Kerstin Tidholm
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