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Letsbo, Thursday - Sunday (year 18-21)

Hans Lind is aging rapidly now, but tries to make a final effort for his son Georg. If he can teach him how to study now, Georg will benefit from it through the rest of his life.

The Reaper arrives exactly in time for Hans to register that his last party was a success. He dies as he lived, surrounded by friends, having a blasting party. On the 17th of June year 19, Hans draws his last breath, with platinum mood, at the age of 73. 1p for j68! What about that timing!

The young widow Melissa, age 37, is not as happy as her late husband was on his last night. However, Hans left 20.000 simoleons to Melissa, and 10.000 to their mutual son Georg, so the now very small family will not have problems with money ever again. Or at least in a very long time.

After Hans death, Melissa is trying to get some comfort from the men she knows. Colin Rapp is not at all interested, Melissa has to realize. She’ll have to bide her time. Why not take one of the Mattsson brothers as a toy boy, didn’t she think about that?

Georg got sick after inviting Thea Mattson over. He didn’t know that the Mattsson’s should be kept in a quarantine, poor boy.

To keep the boy calm when he was sick, he had the assignment to read a cook book for a while. In just a couple of hours he reached level 4 in Cooking, and got well in the process. I really hope this smart kid will grow up to be a knowledge sim. I had to stop him at level 7 in one sitting, just to get him to eat lunch!

Inhabitants at Letsbo after round 5:
Melissa Lind
Georg Lind 

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